Glen Iris District Schools – Year 4 Lacrosse Day

Hartwell Sports Ground, Glen Iris

The weather dawned grey, but thankfully dry, as we set up for the second annual Year 4 lacrosse extravaganza. On seven grounds, 14 of our young coaches guided over 200 children from five local primary schools through 13 rounds of matches, all under the watchful eye (and whistle) of seven of Camberwell’s experienced referees. This was the culmination of a busy year in the Glen Iris District which saw Camberwell Lacrosse Club representatives visit and present lacrosse to most of the District schools, as well as a few extras. On this day, the teams were as follows:

St. Dominic’s 1

St. Dominic’s 2

Camberwell South 1

Camberwell South 2

St. Cecelia’s 1

St. Cecelia’s 2

Camberwell South – St.Cecelia’s

Glen Iris

Hartwell 1

Hartwell 2

Hartwell 3

Hartwell 4

Hartwell 5

Hartwell – Glen Iris


After allocating teams to coaches, students were put through a series of exercises to refresh their skills. Throwing-catching was tricky initially, with a stiff south-easterly blowing, but adjustments were made and players were soon ready to go for Round 1. Seven rounds were played prior to a lunch break, followed by six to complete the programme. After all the scores were tallied, Camberwell South proved to be the dominant team on the day, with their teams filling the top three positions on the ladder – quite an achievement. With the overall winner of the tournament being the school with the highest average score, this meant that Camberwell South Primary took the honours. The final act of the day was the presentation of the Doug Fox Shield, with Doug himself there to hand the trophy over. 


Thanks to: Referees – Anne, Grant, Ross, Brett, Miles, Jan, and Scott

Coaches – Fred, Eliza, Jess, Ben, Nik, Owen, Trinity, Ella, Matt, Angus, Mick, Will, Gus, Kye, Julian, Alex, and Orlando.

Helpers – Ben, Meredith, and Fiona


Special thanks to Jo Lamb for setting up and running the spreadsheet that handled all the scoring, to Jo Bayes (Hartwell PE teacher and Glen Iris District Sports Chair) for organizing the involvement of four other district schools and being a huge supporter of lacrosse, and to Damien Orr (Lacrosse Australia) for making sure we had enough warp sticks to go round.

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