Overseas lacrosse players

A guide for playing lacrosse in Australia for American & Canadian College players

Are you looking to keep playing once your college lacrosse or junior box days are done, does a year or a few months abroad sound appealing?

Have you always wanted to travel to Australia but it seems so far or perhaps there is a postgraduate university course you are considering, the good news is, your playing days do not have to be done.

Australia has an established club system to support lacrosse players from the US, Canada, Europe or Asia who want to continue playing whilst they are Downunder.

Every year dozens of players from all over the world choose to spend a season (some stay forever after tasting the Aussie way of life!) playing lacrosse in Australia. It provides players with an immediate support network, home-base for travelling and connections for life.


Where is lacrosse played in Australia?

Lacrosse is played primarily in three cities, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Smaller competitions exist in Brisbane and Sydney.

How to play pro lacrosse in Australia?

Lacrosse in Australia is amateur, following a club-based module. Many players who choose to play in Australia are provided with subsidized housing and employment opportunities helping minimize the cost of living aboard.

How do I get my gear to Australia? Are there shipping costs?

Most overseas players simply pay for additional baggage when travelling to Australia with their lacrosse equipment.

How many lacrosse players are there in Australia?

Lacrosse has a rich history in Australia, as one of the four founding member nations in the inaugural world championships. There are several thousand members across Australia, with competitions for girls, boys, women and men.

What is the standard of lacrosse in Australia?

Australia has participated in all field world championships since 1967 on the senior men’s side, finishing runners-up three times in 1967, 1982, and 1994.

The Australian women’s senior team has been extremely successful at the world level. They won the field world championships in 1986 and 2005, and runner up four times.
Australia participated in the world men’s indoor championships finishing inside the top 10 at each event.

At youth events, the Australian men have finished runner-up twice at the u19 world championships with the women winning the u19 world lacrosse championship in 1995 and finishing runner-up four times.

Dozens and dozens of Australian boys and girls have successfully made the jump to all NCAA divisions of US college lacrosse.   

Where can you buy lacrosse gear in Australia, if you didn't bring any?

Our club is fortunately supported by LacrosseGear.com.au which stocks major brands such as Warrior, Brine, StringKing, Cascade, Maverik, Signature, and ECD (East Coast Dyes).

When is the season played?

The field season usually operates from April to September.

What rules do they use in Australia?

Australia follows the World Lacrosse rules standard, similar to those played in the world championships.

Is there Box Lacrosse in Australia?

Yes, the Box Lacrosse season operates from October to December each year

Do I need a visa to travel to or play in Australia?

If you plan to play lacrosse in Australia, it is sensible to consider which visa is best for you.

As of publishing (2022), most players who are not studying will consider a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417).

Head to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website for more information.

What else do I need to play lacrosse in Australia if I am from overseas?

Players will need to have adequate travel insurance cover, obtain an Australian cell phone number, open an Australian bank account, and pass a working with child check.

Does it cost anything to play in Australia?

Generally, overseas players do not need to pay anything to play in Australia

Can I coach Lacrosse in Australia?

Yes, clubs are always looking for skilled coaches to assist their youth programs

About Camberwell Lacrosse Club

Camberwell Lacrosse is a member of Lacrosse Victoria, located in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

For information on playing lacrosse in Australia, please contact us.

Previous overseas players

2023 Keith Tsang - Hong Kong
Brendan Croston - USA
Finn Croston - USA
Quinn Guevara - USA
2022 Andrew Song - Princeton University, USA
Luke Crimmins - Princeton University, USA
Owen Engel - Princeton University, USA
2019 Sean Cerrone - Duke University, USA
Christian Blair - Bryn Athyn College, USA
2018 Chris Grace - West Virginia Mountaineers, USA
Connor Vercruysse - Rutgers University, USA
2017 Eric Destefano - Salisbury University, Maryland, USA
Sean Aaron - Union College, New York, USA; Charlotte Hounds (MLL)
2016 Sean Aaron - Union College, New York, USA; Charlotte Hounds (MLL)
2015 Greg Allis - Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, USA
2014 Reed Goodhue - Umass University, Amherst Massachusetts, USA
Sean Lawton - Western New England University, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
2013 Bobby Tyler - Umass University, Amherst Massachusetts, USA
Mike Rauchut - Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
2012 Mike Fetterly - Umass University, Amherst Massachusetts, USA
Eric Harries - Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, New Hampshire, USA
Denis Whelan - Umass University, Amherst Massachusetts, USA
2010 Mathias McCall - University of North Carolina, USA
Ryan Penner - Marist College, USA
Simon Gordon - Bishop's University, Canada
Therese Lundberg - Sweden
2009 Erland Hoel - Norway
2008 PJ Walerko - USA
2007 Jordan Charron - Bishop's University, Canada
2006 Jason Masi - Notre Dame, USA
Casey Hughes - Wilmslow, England
Paul Beardsell - Heaton Mersey, England
Annika Reinhold - Germany
Femi Oust - Germany
2005 John Beadle - All England Team
Hanna Frick - Sweden
Malin Frick - Sweden
2004 Graeme Cruickshank - New Westminster, Canada
2003 Bjorn Johansson - Sweden
2002 Kim Langeborg - Swedish National Team
Kim Kelstrup - Sweden
2001 Ryan Taggart - USA
1999 Tony Barone - New York L.C., USA
Andrew McKenna - USA
1998 Magnus Franzen - Falk, Sweden
1995 Brian Pollock - Roanoke College, USA
1992 Jerry Kieran - Clarkson College, USA
1991 Paul Cannon - Syracuse, USA
1990 Matthew Bernstein - USA
Michael Orme - All England Team
1989 James Symington - Hobart College, USA/All England Team
Shaun Trell - Syracuse, USA
1988 Chris O'Brien - Maryland/Mt Washington L.C., USA
1986 Paul Murphy - USA
Kevin Murphy - Georgetown University, USA
1985 David Troast - USA
1984 Jeff Bradley - Hartwick College, USA
1983 Kevin Murphy - Georgetown University, USA
1982 Harry Gleason - Hartwick College, USA