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Merchandise and Apparel

A range of club merchandise is available at the canteen or via our online store: Online payment is via Visa, Mastercard or American Express and you can purchase membership, sticks and various items etc. Pickup is by arrangement from the club on training nights.

You can also purchase club branded and general playing apparel from our local partner Ultrafootball. Signup with an email address to access the club store and great discounts. The club also receives a rebate for every purchase made. Ultrafootball sells top quality Nike and Adidas gear with prices that are highly competitive with local chain retailers. They operate locally out of Mt Waverley and are well worth a try.

Equipment Advice

Mouthguards are mandatory for all players, including players wearing helmets. This includes any training sessions involving any potential for contact or being struck by a ball.

Girls protective 

Goggles: From U13, girls lacrosse uses a hard rubber ball. All girls will be required to wear eye protection (goggle) in games and training. The club will provide loan goggles for U13 girls. We ask that players purchase their own goggles from U15. 

Goggle sizing: goggles generally come in two sizes, Youth and Adult. Youth are targetted at girls up to the age of 13 and may be too narrow for older ages. 

Boys Protective 

From U13 onwards, the boys lacrosse game includes physical contact. The minimum of safety equipment that players will be required to wear for games and training are:

Helmets: the club will provide loan helmets to U13 or first year older players. After that we recommend players purchase their own helmet. Common helmet brands are Cascade and Warrior, with each coming in a range of styles and sizes. Most styles come in one or two sizes (e.g. S/M and M/L). It is recommended that a helmet is tried for size before purchase.

Gloves: gloves are necessary for U13 and older. The club will loan gloves to first year players. After that we recommend that players purchase their own.  

  • 10" suitable for U11,
  • 12" suitable for most boys up to around 15 years,
  • 13" the most common size for older boys and most men,
  • 14" for those with very large hands.

Many brands and styles are available (Brine, Warrios, STX, Epoch, etc.) and there is a vast range of colours. Various club members regularly purchase gloves at discounted prices to ensure that new members are able to purchase resoanble quality at a good price.

Arm pads: are required for U15 and older to ensure safety when being checked. The three styles of arm pads are:

  • elbow pad: small pads designed for defenders (not recommended for juniors)
  • Arm pad: good for defenders and mid fielders, offering good protection
  • Arm guard: designed for attackers, offer maximum protection

Sizing of arm pads can be tricky for juniors because they tend to bulk up through their teenage years, but buying too large will result in the pad sliding down the arm

  • small: designed for pre-teen juniors 
  • medium: teenage arms
  • large: adult sized arms, often suitable

Shoulder pads: shoulder pads are highly recommended for boys from U15 up. The two particular benefits they offer are protection of the shoulder in a collision, preventing collarbone injuries, and protection of the sternum being hit by a stray shot. THe sizing is similar to arm pads, with most boys taking either medium or large.

Goalie gear is provided by the club: Chest pad, goalie helmet The club will provide loan equipment to first year players. After a season, we request that players start to purchase their own. 

For any assistance, get in touch with a junior coach or ask Scott Nicholls, Rob Pagliaro or Ben Richards.

Camberwell Lacrosse Marketplace

A variety of equipment and club merchandise is available in our marketplace. This is a virtual store of gear that is available for you to purchase from a number of members. Contact Ross, Rob or Ben for sticks and protective equipment. 

Currently Available:

Gloves Epoch Integra 12" suit boys and smaller adult hands - high quality gloves only $120 
Brine RP3 gloves 13" - $130
Arm Pads Mid range arm pads in Medium and Large. $80
Large Arm Guards - $120
Shoulder Pads Limited stock of shoulder pads in Medium and Large. Suitable for U13/U15 boys up to adult. $130
Girls Goggles Variety of colours and brands: $65
Boys Helmets Warrior helmets only $300


Lacrosse Gear

Gear is available from a new local supplier, Lacrosse Gear. They supply stick, mesh and balls.



Camberwell Lacrosse has a special arrangement with StringKing providing us with 50% off retail price. Look up the StringKing website, convert the prices to Australian dollars and take off 50%. Shipping will be extra. Any orders can be made through Ross Melville. 



New arrangements are being put in place. Contact Ross Melville