Club Operations

How you can help

Lacrosse is a team sport and so is running a Lacrosse club. There is much involved in operating a dozen or so teams and a full weekend of matches each week, not to mention social events, website, fundraisers and an assortment of other functions.

This is why we need you. If every member can help with just one task, we can all share the load and none of us will need to feel like they are being worn out. If you feel you can contribute, even if it is 1-2 hours per week, please put your hand up. If you are interested in taking on a role on please contact our club president at any stage at


Camberwell Lacrosse Club has a number of policies and documents that govern how we conduct ourselves as a grassroot, community sporting organisation. If you are looking for Lacrosse Victoria forms, you can find them on the LV website.

Code of Conduct
Club Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct
Players Code of Conduct
Parents Code of Conduct
Officials Code of Conduct
Spectators Code of Conduct
Alcohol Management policy
Safe Transport policy
Smoke Free policy
Photo Use Policy
Child Safe policy
Junior team selection policy
Senior team selection policy
Mouth Guard Awareness
Guidelines for Junior Coaches
Junior Team Parent Support Roles
Junior Handbook
CLC Constitution
Certificate of Incorporation
Nomination Form
Proxy Form