Doug Fox awarded OAM

Our very own Doug Fox has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia as a part of the Australia Day 2010 celebrations. The award is in recognition for outstanding service to Australian Lacrosse and Victorian Golf.

A fitting recipient, Doug has been a tireless worker in all facets of lacrosse development. From the rejuvenation of junior at Camberwell Lacrosse Club right through to the Executive level of the Australian Lacrosse Council.

Past players, get in touch

The committee is currently setting up a database of past players to form an association. If you are or know of any past players, please get in touch with us.


Give up the grog for FebFast 2010

This is a special invitation for all Good Sports clubs to take part in FebFast 2010. FebFast is a charitable event that invites people to sacrifice their alcohol intake during the shortest month of the year, and at the same time raise funds to combat alcohol and other drug problems in young Australians.

Why you should get involved:

From the secretary : TT 2010

Not only will Marde be missed as a committee member or women’s player but her dedication to pumping out Tribal Talk every week when the season begins, was inspiring. I helped when she went on holiday and she had all the templates set up for the weeks she would miss with just updates of match locations to alter. Fantastic job Marde!! You are missed already, have a great time in the UK.

Camberwell Lacrosse Club 2009 AGM

On December 9 2009, CLC members met at the East Malvern RSL to nominate themselves for your committee and to acknowledge the tremendous dedication that retiring members had made over the years. Our retiring members included Reg Bugeja, Marde Hoy, Ken Lander, Lesley Hill, Alastair Gloutnay and Alison Ray. Committee members for 2010 are

President : Ross Melville

Vice Presidents : Bruce Churchward & Jennie Easson

Treasurer : David Huett

Secretary : Bronwen Ch’ng


Congratulations to Sabian Johnston & Crystal who became parents with birth of Annabelle Summer Johnstone 3/12/09. Get those sticks ready for her U13 debut.


Victoria win in Adelaide

Victoria took out the double in Adelaide last night, winning the Senior and U19 Championships.

The Seniors defeated WA in a rather one sided affair 13-2, while the U19's also defeated WA in a much closer match 9-8.

The Seniors ended up facing WA in the final at the expense of SA, who can consider themselves extremely unlucky no to make the final. SA had the 3/4 time lead in each of its qualifying matches against Victoria and WA, yet ended up losing each game by 1 goal.

Results updated

Match results have been published for the past 4 rounds of games. Visit the news section for more information.

Appologies for the delay.


Lacrosse Results 27-28 June

Saturday Men's Results

State League

Score: Camberwell 8 - Surrey Park 9
Scorers: M McCall (4/1), C Lander (2/2), L Hadden (1/1), M Kerr (1/0), J Easson (0/1), A Wiltgren (0/1)
Votes: 3 - C Lander, 2 - M McCall, 1 - R Penner

Division 1

Score: Camberwell 6 - Surrey Park 19
Scorers: M Redapple (3/0), M Kerr (2/1), T Mills (1/0), A Ryan (0/1), S Nicholls (0/1)
Votes: 3 - M Kerr, 2 - A Ryan, 1 - M Langaulant

Division 2

Lacrosse Results 20-21 June

Saturday Men's Results

State League

Score: Camberwell 9 - Altona 16
Scorers: C Lander (3/2), M Kerr (2/0), J Easson (1/0), D Meehan (1/0), R Gloutnay (1/0), P Beardsell (1/0)

Votes: 3 - A Gloutnay, 2 - C Lander, 1 - N Davis

Division 1

Score: Camberwell 11 - Melbourne University 7
Scorers: M Redapple (4/1), T Mills (4/0), A Ryan (3/3)
Votes: 3 - Ti Mills, 2 - A Ryan, 1 - M Kerr

Division 2


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