Mixed Junior and Senior training session

We're pleased to announce that we are holding a joint training session of all of our junior and senior teams. It will be a chance for our seniors and juniors to mix and learn some skills from each other.

Details are as follows:

When: Thursday 2nd of August

Time: 6 pm to 7pm is joint training, then from 7 pm juniors break off inside the clubrooms for food and seniors break off for the rest of their training.

Where: Dorothy Laver West Reserve

Match Reports 21 - 22 July 2012

Division 2

Camberwell 15 def Altona 9

Leading by a mere point in 2nd position, we travelled to Altona for a battle for 2nd place on the ladder.

Altona drew first blood but a hat trick from Jamie kept us ahead 4-2 in the quarter. Nick Barlow's dominance at centre meant we got possessions and with a patient attack led by Scottie, our attackers kept cutting and the goals eventually came. Nick was rewarded with a pair to lead a 6-1 quarter.

Cambewell Lacrosse on Show - July 28, 2012

Come join us as we celebrate an alignment of cosmic proportion!

All our boys' and men's teams as well as our women's B grade team are playing at home.

We have a day packed with lacrosse action, food and fun. So come down and enjoy the day!

Match Reports - 30 June - 1 July 2012

Under 14 boys

Camberwell 16 def. Altona 15

With last weeks win behind us and a record of close encounters with Altona in the last two years, a tight match was anticipated. Altona fielded a ten-man squad, making the unusual decision not to play a keeper. This worked in our favour for most of the game even though it meant an extra man in defense.

Match Reports - 23-24 June 2012

Division 3

Camberwell 30 def Chadstone 11 

Upon arrival to the Chadstone grounds, we found the umpires and coaches huddled around a cement man hole located within 10m of one of the goals. A quick dash to Camberwell for alternate grounds was ruled out but the goal was moved away from danger. However this resulted in skewed grounds, which while not a game decider, did make the life of the defensive line harder.

Match Reports 16-17 June 2012

Divison 3

Camberwell 24 def MCC 9

After a disappointing loss to Williamstown last week, we faced this week our nemesis – MCC. I predicted that this time around we would not see the 24-0 outcome we got in round 1. Turned out I was right … almost.

The game started slowly with both teams playing cautiously and the result was close at the end of the 1st at 4-3 our way. The 2nd quarter is when the flood gates opened and with a 9-3 period, we pretty much put the game away. With a short bench, MCC began to tire and was never a real threat from then on.

Match Reports 9 June 2012

Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 2 def by Footscray 30

It was always going to be a tough day at the office, Footscray have been dominant all season.

Southern Crosse Under 15 try outs announced

Try out dates for the 2012 Under 15 Southern Crosse side have been announced.

  • Sunday 24 June - Chadstone (Percy Treyvaux)
  • Sunday 15 July - Camberwell (Dorothy Laver Reserver West)
  • Sunday 22 July - Camberwell (Dorothy Laver Reserver West)
  • Sunday 29 July - Camberwell (Dorothy Laver Reserver West)

Be there at 9:30am for a 10am start.

Match Reports 2 June 2012

Under 12 Boys - Magic

Camberwell Magic 20 def Caulfield Vipers 5

Match Reports 26-27 May 2012

Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 20 def. Knox 3

Knox had yet to post a win so there was an opportunity for us to work on team skills and bring others into play instead of relying on the usual suspects.

With three on the bench the mid-field was changed frequently enabling a fast pace to be maintained. Goals scored by Colin (#19), Gus (#24), Tommy (#17) and four to Lincoln (#7). Combined with a shut out by Ben (#13) in the cage, we ran up seven for the first quarter.


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