Save The Date: CLC Women's Day

Come support our girls and enjoy a great day of Lacrosse!!!! Spit roast Lunch with drink only $10 after the A grade game.

When: Sunday, 3/8/14

Where: Dorothy Laver West

Game Start Times

  • Under 13s Vs. Williamstown 9:45am
  • Under 15s Vs. Williamstown 11:00am
  • A Grade Vs. Newport 1:15pm

Join us for a spit roast lunch after the A grade game. All welcome !!!

Lacrosse Results 05 July, 2014

Saturday's Result

State League Men's

Camberwell 7 def Footscray 6 (2-1, 2-5, 4-5, 7-6)

Scorers: C Lander (3/0), D Whelan (2/0), J Easson (1/0), D Meehan (1/0), A Wiltgren (0/1), S Lawton (0/1)


Save The Date: CLC Strategic Planing Night

Wednesday 20/08/2014 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Camberwell Junior Coaches committed to 'Changing the game in youth sports'

At Camberwell our priority for our Junior teams is participation and having fun, we are committed to growing and developing our young members on and off the field and that is why we buy into the concept of 'Changing the game in youth sports'. So we encourage all our Junior Parents to watch the following link and support us in making playing Lacrosse at Camberwell Lacrosse Club a fun and exciting experience.

We need your help

"Many hands make light work"

Lacrosse is a team sport and so it running a Lacrosse club. There is much involved in operating a dozen or so teams, 2 grounds, 2 club houses and a full weekend of matches each week, not to mention social events, website, fundraisers and an assortment of other functions.

This is why we need you. If every member can help with just one task, we can all share the load and none of us feel like we are being worn out. To that effect, we have created a list of micro roles. A micro role is just that - a small role.

New club Code of Conduct policies

Camberwell Lacrosse Club is committed to ensuring that all of its members are safe, respected and included when associating with CLC. Similarly CLC wants to ensure that all of its members behave in an appropriate manner at all times. That is why earlier this month the CLC Committee endorsed the policies listed below:


CLC Code of Conduct

CLC Coaches Code of Conduct

CLC Officials Code of Conduct

CLC Parents Code of Conduct

CLC Players Code of Conduct

CLC Spectators Code of Conduct


Lacrosse Results 28-29 June, 2014

Saturday's Results

State League Men's

Camberwell 13 def by Willimstown 16 (4-4, 4-8, 8-14, 13-16)

Scorers: J Easson (5/0), C Lander (2/1), S Lawton (2/1), D Whelan (1/3), M David Kerr (1/1), J Deicmanis (1/0), A Wiltgren (1/0)

Division 1

Camberwell 16 def Surrey Park 2 (5-0, 9-0, 10-1, 16-2)

Scorers: T Mills (6/0), M Sercombe (3/0), A Hussain (2/3), G Anderson (2/2), A ryan (2/2), J Keenan (1/0), B Melville (0/1)

Match reports for Sat. 28-Jun

Camberwell U11 Scorpions 3 def by Caulfield  8

In cold and windy conditions both teams started slowly and had difficulty scoring.  Max Broeks made some nice saves in goal but Caulfield persisted and got onto the scoreboard late in the opening quarter. Quim was defending strongly for the Wells with Watt and E. Whelen active on the midfield for Camberwell.  Dale Wilson got the Wells going in the second period when Lewis snatched a groundball and dodged for a nice assist.  Caulfield answered with two goals and took a 3-1 lead into half-time.

Lacrosse Results 21-22 June, 2014

Saturday's Results

State League Men's

Camberwell 13 def Chadstone 5 (4-4, 4-0, 12-1, 13-5)

Scorers: C Lander (4/2), D Whelan (3/1), D Meehan (2/0), M David Kerr (1/3), J Green (1/1), M Ian Kerr (1/0), R Gluotnay (0/1)

Division 1

Camberwell 9 def Eltham 5 (2-1, 3-3, 7-3, 9-5)

Scorers: T Mills (3/0), E Mizrahi (2/0), A Hussain (2/0), G Anderson (1/1), A Ryan (1/0), M Sercombe (0/2), P Beardsell (0/1)

Lacrosse Results 14-15 June, 2014

Saturday's Results

State League Men's

Camberwell 8 def by Surrey Park 12 (2-3, 3-7, 7-7, 8-12)

Scorers: A Gloutnay (2/1), D Whelan (1/2), M David Kerr (1/1), A Wiltgren (1/0), N Handley (1/0), C Lander (1/0), D Meehan (1/0)

Division 1

Camberwell 6 def by MCC 22 (1-4, 1-11, 4-17, 6-22)

Scorers: A Hussain (2/1), G Anderson (2/0), T Mills (1/0), A Ryan (1/0)


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