Weekend roundup - 16-17th June


U11 Boys competed in the lightning carnival at Footscray
U13 Boys: Camberwell defeated Footscray White 9-3
U15 Boys: Camberwell lost to Williamstown 0-19
U17 Boys: Camberwell lost to Williamstown 12-5
Division 2 Men: Camberwell defeated Brunswick 19-3
State League Men: Camberwell lost to Williamstown 10-15


U13 Girls: Camberwell lost to Footscray Green 13-2
U15 Girls: Camberwell (Eastside) defeated Williamstown 8-3
U17 Girls: Eastside defeated Newport 10-9
Womens postponed due to flooding at Dorothy Laver

Top goal scorers for the weekend: Glenn Anderson 9, Marty Hyde 6, Cassidy and Saskia 3 (in half a game)

ref/umpire favourites: Jamie, Ned, Patrick, Glenn, Danny, Ruby, Saskia
with a special mention for Mason