Weekend Results 4/5 May 2019

Another great weekend for Camberwell Lacrosse. Well done to Marcus Woon (Sharky) on his senior debut. 

State League The boys had a great win over Eltham, keeping their winning streak going. The attack were effective, even though Cocky was out, thanks to some great work from Marty and Junior and contributions all around. Ollie popped up with a few in the net (OK, it was 4). Robbie was injured near the start leaving only three poles for most of the game. Al, Ben and Tom worked hard in defence and created a lot of turnovers and minimising the impact of Eltham's usual scorers. Sean C was a powerhouse through midfield and Azza and Matty won the honours in faceoff.

A Grade The girls blitzed the game against Footscray with a comfortable 22-6 win. The ground was a slippery mud pit in the centre, but Laura and Molly managed to dominate the draws. The team showed great poise in attack, with any one of six attacking players able to produce convincing cuts or drives, making defence difficult for Footscray. In the end 9 individual goal scorers contributed in attack and the four who did not were steadfast in defence.

Other divisions - feel free to submit reports each week.

Mens Results

Division Result Best Goals
State League Win
Camberwell 12
Eltham 5
Sean Cerrone
Marty Hyde
Matt Kerr (Junior)
Ollie 4
Marty 3
Junior 3
Sean C 1/3A
Al G 1A
Tommy 1A
Division 2 Win
Camberwell 8
Wiliamstown 5
Brett Barnard
Zapper Tulloch
Matt Davies
Zapper 4 / 1A
Glenn 2
Twisty 1 / 1A
Matt J 1
Division 3 Loss
Camberwell 6
Brunswick/MU 9
Andrew Samson
Tim Mills
Matt Kerr (Senior)
Senior 4
Tim 2
Frank Mc 1A
Andrew S 1A
U17  Loss
Cam/Chad 5
Altona 7
Eitan N
Dante Francese
Pat Whelan
Eitan 3
Lachy D 1
James M 1
U15 Win
Camberwell 13
Footscray 0
Frank McKenna
Sam Larking
Miles Cowton
Ed Whelan 6
Frank Mc 3 / 3A
Zac 3 / 1A
Sam L 1
Thomas BZ 1A
Josh T 1A
Sasha 1A
U13 Win
Camberwell 14
Brunswick 2
Fred Richards
Owen Orelup
Owen Siebel
Fred 7
Owen S 2 / 3A
Owen O 1 / 5A
Daniel 1 / 1A 
Ben R 1 / 1A 
Ben A 1 /1A
Magnus 1
U13 Win
Cam/Caulfield 25
Surrey Park 5
U 11 bye    


Womens Results

Division Result Best Goals
A Grade Win
Camberwell 22
Footscray 6
Saskia H
Amanda H
Kelly 5 / 1A
Amanda 3 / 2A
Grace 3 / 2A,
Alex 3 / 1A
Saskia 2 / 2A
Izzy 2 / 2A
Molly 2  1A
Cass 1 / 1A
Laura 1
U17  Draw
U15 Loss
Camberwell 7
Newport 11
Ruby Pagliaro
Amelie Mansfield
Trinity Meacham
Miakoda Murray
Ruby 2
Trinity 2
Miakoda 2
Rhyannon 1
U15 Loss
Cam/Caulfield 4
Footscray 15
Georgia Floyd
Ellie Floyd
Bianca Ting
Georgia 2
Maeve 1
Ellie 1
U13 Win
Camberwell 7
Footscray W 5
Georgia Floyd
Ella Jamieson 
Maya Stubbs
Emma 2
Rhyannon 2
Georgia  2 / 1A
Maeve 1
U 11 Loss
Camberwell 7
Footscray W 16
Mia Lander
Claire Lamb
Belle Wong
Spencer 4
Claira 2
Mia 1

Ground Report

Although the goalie crease areas have weathered well, the centre wicket area of Eric Raven was a mess by Sunday after a little bit of rain and only two games on Saturday. The A Grade game had to take the draw to the side due to the conditions. Unfortunately a Footscray player went down with a rolled ankle. To Jenny Dao, we hope you recover quickly from your injury.
The ground was deemed unsafe for the planned State League game and this was moved to another venue, cutting short the regional round. The centre pitch area is pictured below prior to the A grade game.