Weekend Results 27/28 April 2019

This weekend was our first home games at Eric Raven Reserve and the first round of juniors for 2019. Apologies to those who could not fit in the car park due to the AFL spectators from across the creek. Camberwell had 14 teams ready to compete and everyone did us proud.

Womens A Grade

Camberwell 15 defeated Eltham 10
Best: Amanda Hollenkamp, Mollie Edwards, Shannon Merten
After being promoted to A grade, Camberwell had the tough first challenge of meeting last years premiers. The ladies showed their class with a great win. Welcome to Kelly, Shannon, Mollie and Alex who add great depth. The team made a 5 goal break in the first quarter and maintained a lead till the end. Fiona had a great day in the cage making plenty of saves.
Goals: Prentice 3/1, Edwards 3, A Hollenkamp 2/2, Richards 2/1, Brakkhuis 2/1, Klepner 2/1, S Hollenkamp 1

Under 17 Girls

Under 17 girls trained after Eltham pulled out due to low numbers

Under 15 Girls

Camberwell Red 10 defeated by Eltham/Surrey 14
Best: Trinity, Miakoda, Siena
Well done to all the girls who played their debut game. The girls tried hard but came up against an experienced opponent. 
Goals: Trinity 5, Rhyannon 3, Miakoda 2

Under 15 Girls

Camberwell Blue 7 lost to Eastside 15
Best: Natalie, Eva, Rachel
The girls worked hard in a difficult 8v8 format due to low opponent numbers. They fought admirably against a fast, experienced team but struggled with the enthusiastic checking. 
Goals: Eva 3, Maddie 2, Ruby 1, Millie 1

Under 13 Girls

Camberwell 10 defeated Surrrey Eltham 4
Best: Emma, Ella, Matilda
A great game from a mixed group of experienced girls and some new players. We also welcome two players from Malvern and Caulfield. Special mention to Matilda who received referee votes on her very first game.
Goals: Rhyannon 4, Maya 2, Mikayla 1/1, Matilda 1/1, Rhian 1/2, Grace 1

Under 11 Girls

Under 11 girls started with a bye but are ready for their first game next week.

Mens State League

Camberwell 11 defeated Brunswick 8
Best: Al Gloutnay, Sean Cerrone, Marty Hyde
After a slow start and trailing 3-6 at half time, the Camberwell team started to play effective lacrosse. The team had the edge over Brunswick to the tune of 4-1 in following quarters with both the attack and defence playing the way coach Lee Davis woud have wanted. Well done to Matty on his first state league goal, straight after being plastered on the ground. Brunswick did not expect him to get up so quickly and cut to goal. 
Goals: Sean C 3/1, Cocky 2/2, Al Rubins 2, Marty 2, Junior 1, Matty 1, Easso and Ollie 1 assist 

Division 2

Camberwell 23 defeated Altona 5
Best: Pagliaro, Ward, S Churchward
The Division 2 team ran a potent forward line of Scobes, Twisty and Glenn which had the wood over Altona. They all moved well through the Altona defence and were able to find the net multiple times. Barney had some great saves in goal and Joey cleared well, often from behind the goal all the way to our attack. Jet was excited to watch his first senior goal trickle in on an Altona error as he was standing up near the centre line (home player goal). He decided to back that up with a real goal in the last quarter. Ethan also got on the scorecard with a long pole goal.
Goals: Ward 5/1, Scoble 5, Anderson 4/3, Pagliaro 4/1, Lorenz 2/1, Zapper 1/2, Jones 1/1, Hausler 1, Davies 2 assists

Division 3

Camberwell 11 defeated Caulfield 7
Best: Zac Bigaignon, Pat Whelan, Adam Holmes
After an even first half of 4-4, Camberwell ran away in the 3rd quarter 4-0, which proved to be the difference.
Two under 15 boys made their senior debut: Frank McKenna and Isaac Bigaignon. Both played well and scored 2 assists and 1 assist respectively. The referees gave Isaac best on ground after he showed his speed and skill through the game. Well done to Jamie Smith on his debut goal in his second ever lacrosse game. 
Goals: Holmes 4/1, Mills 3, Staines 1/1, Smith 1, Keenan 1, Sampson 1

Under 17 Boys

Camberwell 11 defeated Melbourne High 0
Best: Eitan, Charlie Smith, Andrew Samson
With Chadstone adding to our 10 players, the first game was a good start for the boys to get to know each other. Eitan was dominant in front of goals. Second gamer, Charlie Smith played a standout receiving referee votes. It was a great way to get the season going.
Goals: Eitan 7/2, James 2/1, Dante 1/1, Andrew 1/2, Charlie and Ned 1 assist

Under 15 Boys

Camberwell 18 defeated Chadstone 0
Best: F McKenna, J Thompson, I Bigaignon
Goals: McKenna 8/1, Whelan 3/1, Bigaignon 2/2, Thompson 2, B Richards 1/1, Pearce 1, Cowton 1, Larking 1 assist

Under 13 Boys

Camberwell Red 8 drew Eltham 8
Best: Orelup, Malarkey, Martin
With a few away the Camberwell team was reduced to one on the bench, but the boys worked hard all game. After 1 goal a piece in the first half, the Camberwell attack kicked into gear taking a 2 goal lead into the 3 quarter break. But Eltham finished off the last full of running, managing to equalise in the last few minutes. Overall it was a great, hard fought game from our boys.
Goals: Orelup 3/1, Malarkey 2/1, Alsop 2, Richards 1/4, Dalinkiewicz 1 assist.

Under 13 Boys

Camberwell/Caulfield 21 defeated MU 0
Best: Goldberg, Cotchin, Lane
Our boys combined with a talented bunch from Caulfield and ran away with the game against an inexperienced Melb Uni team. Special mention to Hamish in goals who overcame a stomach upset for a shut out.
Goals: Cotchin 6/6, Stringer 5/1, Goldberg 4/5, Lane 3/4, Nicholls 1, Dequior 1, Hadaway 1A, Wicken 1A

Under 11 Mixed

Camberwell 1 defeated by MCC 18
Best: Goldhagen, Lander, Nicholls
The new under 11 team travelled to Beaumaris for their first game. Led by experienced players, Joel and Zac, the team played well and had lots of fun.
Goals: Goldhagen 1, Schaxmann 1 assist

Ground report

7 games in a weekend is a new experience for Eric. After four games, the centre area looked a little the worse for wear.