U13 Match Report - Sat. 28th May

Camberwell  Blitz 4 lost to Surrey Park White 20


Playing the league leaders, Surrey Park White, Camberwell was swamped in the first quarter with a 7 to 1 goal barrage.  McKenna and Falconer-Boag were contesting well in the centre but Surrey had too much firepower in attack.  Back in the team for his first game this season after a foot injury, Zac Bigaignon made his presence felt with a nice goal from a strong outside shot for the Wells first score.


The Blitz defence lifted in the second term as Gale, Campbell and Tubb made good intercepts and Ashby made great saves in the goal but it was not until the third period that some sparkling midfield play saw Ned McKenna get the ball to Falconer-Boag who dodged under pressure and found the net.  He repeated the scoring soon after and the Blitz had held Surrey to a 4-2 quarter.  Barber had gained a hold over Surrey's top scorer and held him goaless in the last half.  Tubb recovered some strong groundballs on the midfield  while the Whelen brothers worked the ball nicely in attack but couldn't break through the wall set by their bigger opponents.

Scorers:  Falconer-Boag 2, Bigaignon, N. McKenna