State League season begins, team announced

Come and support the State League team as they take on the defending champions, Footscray, in the season opener.

As has been the case in recent years, round 1 will again be played at Bendigo. This is a home game for us so we are counting on everyone for a showing to give the team the home feel, even if it is not on our home turf.

This time we have 4 juniors taking a step up and making the grade, so special good luck to Ben, Nick, Aaron and Eddy.

When: Sun., 27/4 @ 1pm

Where: Epsom Huntly Reserve, 353 Midland Hwy Huntly VIC 3551. Google Maps link

Team roster

Ben Greenwood (G)
Sam Churchward (D)
Joel Deicamanis (D)
Al Gloutnay (D)
Brett Melville (D)
Joel Easson (A)
Matt D. Kerr (A)
Clinton Lander (A)
Rob Gloutnay (M/FO)
Nick Handley (M)
Aaron Hussain (M/FO)
Dan Meehan (M)
Tim Mills (M)
Eddy Mizrahi (M)
Denis Whelan (M)
Adam Wiltgren (M)