Sparkling Start for Camberwell Women

The women’s season opened on Sunday 29th April with Camberwell represented in Division 1.

Some of our team were probably wondering whether the couple of missed seasons would find their skills rusty.  Far from it! The team sparkled their way to an impressive 18-8 win over Williamstown.

Grace Mackie was a powerhouse in the centre, dominating the face-off and driving into attack with her awesome running game and slick stick-handling skills.  She was well supported in the midfield running by a stand-out game from talented Amanda Hollenkamp.

Izzy Hodder led the Camberwell attack with nice position play, setting up a number of goals while bagging four of her own.  Mel Hadden, Cat Do and Lyndal Bugeja flipped the ball around with well-placed passing and finished their attacking plays with some skillful goals which had the spectators cheering.  Fiona Carroll guarded the Camberwell goal solidly while around her the young members of the team; Meena Samuel, Poppy Ashby, Bernie Do and Georgia Downie, all contributed with close checking defense and quick clearing.

It was only week one but the future looks bright.  The team looked like a unit and looked like they had fun.