Saxby pavilion inundated

Our three grounds, Dorothy Laver, Eric Raven, and Saxby were in one way or another damaged by the floods. A rundown of the casualties:

Eric Raven was the worst of the lot with more than half of the reserve having been flooded, depositing a large amount of debris including sand and rock on the ground. Storage containers were dragged 25 metres downstream, and the green water tanks are now down near High St. Portables on the ground side of the car park were up to 18 inches in water and moved a bit off their foundations.

Saxby will be out of commission for a couple of months with sewereage gone through the pavilion. It will have to be sanitized and new carpets and vinyl put in. Dorothy Laver West had a fence completely knocked over and a massive stump left on the sports field; otherwise the pavilion was left unscathed and the ground is in remarkably good condition.

There are a few photos of the damage in the photo gallery.