Preview: State League v Malvern

Where and when: Malvern Town Hall, Saturday May 30, 2:30pm AEST
Last time: Camberwell 5 - Malvern 10


Camberwell: LLLLW


It doesn't get any bigger than this. A classic show down between arch rivals who, on current form, are level pegged.

Camberwell completely dominated Moreland last week, closing off the match with a 12-2 second half. Malvern are also coming off a reasonable match against Eltham, going down 8-14.

Both sides are on par with scoring capacity. The decider will be defence.

Camberwell's defence of Charron, Davis and Churchward kept Moreland to 7 goals, where Malvern leaked 12 goals to Moreland and have yet to keep a side below 10 goals all season.

Camberwell are also blessed with additional defensive options in Kerr and Gloutnay.

Coach Gathercole had this to say about the game, \This is a transitional year for the club. We have a lot of top quality teenagers in our side this year and they're only just now starting to find their feet.\

\But where we are starting to make progress is with our second tier players. Guys like Gloutnay, Casey and Meehan are starting to turn their hard work into goals.\

After a dominant scoring effort last week and a return to the winners list, Camberwell should take this one out. Camberwell by 2.


Davis v Croll: Croll is Malvern's top scorer with 20 goals this season. 10 of those against Moreland. Davis will have the job of shutting down his drive to goal.


Oliver Casey: Hit his straps last week with 4 unstoppable goals. Dominated through the midfield last week and his coach will be looking for a repeat performance.