Match reports for Sat. 10-May

Camberwell U15 Storm 3 def by Camberwell U15 Heat 18

This local Derby was a one-sided affair with Heat getting off to a quick start and finishing 18-3. Faster legs from even Heat’s smaller players kept them in front. The conditions deteriorated and Coaches started trying to make this a more balanced affair. However it was not to be and frustration boiled over and created a few penalties, typically on Storm players. Aidan, Nick and Tom from Heat showed some excellent skills and running.

Storm improved in the second half, especially in defense, but frustration led to some desperate attempts at goal which typically failed. Storm’s energy and commitment needs to be present from the get-go. Al was injured in the dying minutes of the game after a strong effort throughout the game. Finn again showed his willingness to put in. Chris in goal struggled with the accurate shots off run-in shots in the top corners.