Match Reports - March 28, 2011

Under 13

Score: Camberwell 1 - Williamstown 9

The first game started at 11am in Altona. CLC had a full team. The improvement in our game was obvious as the girls made passes, defended, and placed themselves on the field. Thanks to the preseason training given by the club at MILL, the girls’ confidence and game skills were outstanding.

Experienced girls are mentoring our new recruits and the pairing up of players really helped keep the game moving. Compared to last season when Williamstown were winning 18-nil, our defensive skills were terrific this year.

Outstanding moments and welcomes to new players:

We saw brilliant catching from Skye, Thalia(new) made some great knockdowns in defence, Amanda showed some impressive stamina running on field, Marisa did a great job covering opponents, and Melessa(new) made some good groundball pick ups.

Hats off to Kyanah(new) for strong defence on opponents double her size and Olivia(new) for good placement in getting the ball. Props to Hannah(new) for listening to the coach, Louisa for driving the ball, Georgie for mentoring her buddy, and Evie for great calling on the field.

Stefan and Campbell were a great example of inspiration, determination, and goalie skills. Looking forward to Meena and Rhea returning and we will have other new girl recruits/boys assisting us in the season. As always, thanks parents for your support at games and training.

Laura and Josh helped with coaching as everything was a blur for the first game. Thanks to Tony Hollenkamp for agreeing to be our team manager and sorting out the scoring and fruit roster right from the start.