Match Reports - April 16, 2011

State League

The Camberwell spirit was absent for the first three quarters, despite Camberwell leading into the first break (Camberwell has been a slow starter for the last two decades). But a Camberwell ‘esque’ foul with seconds to go in the first quarter put Camberwell on the back foot, from which Camberwell never recovered.

A spirited come back from Camberwell arose in the final quarter but was all too late. A final shot into the night for a team that inspires a belief on paper, but couldn’t quite deliver in person.

As a side note, it was great to see Mr. Rick Pusvacietis on the sideline, but I would have swapped that to see his son on the forward line. One is left asking how do we as a club retain those quality players of the likes of Mr. Daniel Pusvacietis and Mr. Robbie Procter? Two players we could have ill afford to have lost prematurely in the last decade.

It was a game that needed to be controlled, to be owned and neither team seem to want to take on that responsibility, the exception being that in the second quarter, MCC just put unanswered goal after unanswered goal in the back of the net, which proved to be the difference in the end.

Matty Kerr Jnr played a solid game, but from time to time looked like he required a leader to inspire, but that hope was left unanswered. For anyone who has had the pleasure off playing or watching Timmy Holmes, Camberwell was left craving that weapon in its arsenal last Saturday, as his sweeping right hand dodge and powerful bottom left corner shot would have proved the difference.

Maybe if some of the younger players attacked the goal, like a good looking girl at 3:00am on a Sunday morning, then maybe Camberwell would not be 0 and 2.