Match Reports 4 - 5 August 2012

Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 24 def. Knox 3

With Knox fielding an inexperienced under 14s team this year, we were confident of a good result. The ground conditions did present our players with a challenge with which they had not previously dealt. The sodden field was more akin to a cow paddock than a sports ground. Heavy tufted grass on a mud bath with the added bonus of a tan bark pond.

Playing eight per side, the ground conditions provided the real opposition as everyone struggled to pick up ground balls. The play was sluggish, scrambling packs digging the ball out like a rugby scrum. Only Andreas and Lincoln were dealing well with the conditions as Lincoln scored four goals with relative ease.

Knox scored a goal when our defense didn't transition fast enough, leaving Jerome exposed to a three on one scenario.

With some advice from the coaches regarding how best to pick up ground balls, the boys performed more as a team in the second quarter. We dominated the face offs, Lincoln feeding the forwards with a constant stream of passes, Colin cutting across to score, Tommy working the ball out of the mud to register a goal, Andreas maneuvered through the Knox defense to goal and Lincoln helped himself to a further three. 

After half time the guys really put their foot tot he floor. Isaac won the ball from mid-field then spearing toward cage his effort rewarded with a goal. Nick received a pass then burrowed through to score as did brother Ben from seven metres out. Colin contributing with one and Lincoln, as ever, posting three. The defensive team worked harder too, not allowing the Knox attackers to really trouble keeper Jerome who ended the quarter with a shut out.

The last term saw a repeat of the previous quarter, goals spread between Ben F. -1, Isaac-1, Lincoln-2, Tommy-2 and after several attempts Andreas-1.

The defenders were playing tighter with effective stick checks and clean groundballs opening up the play as the heavy conditions began to take a toll on weary legs. Andreas took face off, winning four from four; Harrison too was doing good work covering his opponent with his stick even when the play was down field. After accumulating a couple of one-minute penalties earlier in the match, Angus still displayed a willingness to mix it with the opposition.

The goal feast means that for the first time this season goals for and against are equal. With two games remaining in the home and away fixture a place in the finals beckons.


Under 12 Boys - Magic

Camberwell Magic 11 def MCC Red 5

The first period opened with the ball see-sawing up and down the field and the defences of both teams holding tight. Harrison Shugg and Cooper Vella were doing their usual sterling job for the Wells, turning back the MCC attacks and driving the ball forward. Danny Taylor was lively in the goal with some nice opening saves and running clears. When the bell sounded the score was nil all and the spectators clapped loudly what had been an exciting tussle.

Joe Zerelli came onto the midfield and changed everthing with a snappy goal to open the second quarter. That set the Wells alight and with Joe Pagliaro and Roy Loveday winning groundballs in the midfield Thomas Lee added two goals for the Wells. Finn Whelen was making good attacking position and getting the ball on to Lee and Pagliaro but the MCC backs were persistent and blocked many Camberwell plays. The half time score was 3-1 in the Magic's favour.

Edward Whelen and Roy Loveday went to the attack in the third period and had immediate effect, Loveday scoring off a dodging play topped off with a strong outside shot. Sven Willett and Thomas Lee had taken over in defence and were forced to do lots of running as MCC pushed on the goal. Whelen set up goals for Taylor and Shugg with nicely placed assist passes but MCC came back with matching goals to have the three quarter score at 6 - 4.

The last term was a 5 - 1 blitz by the Wells as Shugg netted quick dodging goals and Vella chimed in for two with shots that whistled past the goalkeeper. Pagliaro and Edward Whelen each had two assists in the Camberwell scoring and Taylor got many good positions to score but was turned back by the MCC goalkeeper.

Best for the Wells were Shugg, Vella, Loveday and E. Whelen


Under 12 Boys - Sting

Camberwell Sting 22 def Surrey Park 7

Surrey had 14 players to our eleven on a soft field at home, where the weather improved as the game progressed. Sting got off to a brutal start with a quick goal in the first minute, having taken the ball from Surrey.

The boys continued their rhythm and got off some more goals ending the first quarter 5-2. The game continued with 12-4, 17-5, and 22-7, as progressive scores, and the game finished all too early for some of our players. Alex again proved invaluable in defense and midfield, able to feed balls up to or be supported by the Ethans and Mikael, who were able to pass on to running forwards in Matthew, Jamie and Fergus.

The coaches were pleased with the performance most notably for running back into position, pursuing opponents, trying to get in front and for creating openings for passing. The coaches running and passing drills before the game proved a most suitable warm-up.

Surrey showed they had good skills and demonstrated an ability to make accurate passes, open up our defense and score when they got the chance.

They were forced to pressure Sting players as much as they could and this made the game a more physical one. On three occasions we lost the ball by not passing within the four seconds. Both sides showed their capacity to intercept the ball, and Sting players underestimated the reach of the taller Surrey players who claimed most of the intercepts. Fergus had to lob a ball to Ethan B to get around one tall defender (and Ethan slammed the goal as fast as he caught it).

All Sting players put in solid performances, with Chris stopping several shots, including one with his foot, and showed he was not afraid to come out of goal to collect balls or run by opponents to make a pass.