Match Reports - 30 June - 1 July 2012

Under 14 boys

Camberwell 16 def. Altona 15

With last weeks win behind us and a record of close encounters with Altona in the last two years, a tight match was anticipated. Altona fielded a ten-man squad, making the unusual decision not to play a keeper. This worked in our favour for most of the game even though it meant an extra man in defense.

Lincoln (#7) again was the prime mover for us playing face off, midfield, attack and defense. Always running, sometimes around and quite often through the Altona players. Ben (#9) absorbed some solid hits and bounced back to score a goal. Other contributors to the score line were Colin (#19) and Lachlan (#40). Altona’s played a very physical game, resulting in eight one minute penalties in the first half alone. These tactics only served to limit their game and at half time the board read Chiefs 9 Altona 6

Altona toned down their approach in the second half and proved they could match it with us. Our passing had been below par all day with too many passes finding the feet not the shoulder. These were now becoming a costly lapse as the ball was turned over from situations that should have had us testing their defenses.

Lincoln goaled twice more, also assisting Tommy (#17) to get two as well.

With four goals aside in the third period had the scoreline Chiefs 13 Altona 10.

The momentum had shifted to Altona in the fourth quarter. Their #6 pushing hard and earning four goals for the visitors. Jonathan (#32) put in some good work running the ball out from the defensive melee over the centre to give the attackers a chance. Three times the ball ricocheted off the uprights to deny certain goals, allowing Altona to break and out score us five to three. Three and a half minutes remained when they took the lead for the first time all day. 1 minute on the clock, scores tied…… the tension was palpable right up to the last four seconds when a foul gave Lincoln the ball from ten metres out on the left flank… shoot!! SHOOT!!.....YES! GOAL! I need a holiday.


Under 12 boys - Magic

Camberwell Magic 12 def Moreland 6

The Magic were away to a quick start with opening goals from Tom Lee and then Joe Pagliaro on a neat assist from Roy Loveday.  Moreland had three very skilled players who cut off further Camberwell advances and pressured the Magic defence and scored despite some good goal-tending from Harry Shugg.  Sven Willett was controlling the midfield and brought off a great goal when he passed to Tom Lee for Camberwell's third before adding another himself from a power dodge.

The second period opened with goals from Cooper Vella and Pagliaro which put the Magic out to a 6-1 lead.  Moreland answered before Roy Loveday dodged two opponents in the front of goal only to see his shot scoot by the goal.  He was further frustrated minutes later when another close shot rebounded off the goalkeeper but he bounced back with a well-placed pass to assist Danny Taylor who hammered his shot home.  The half finished with Magic leading 7 to 2.

Jo Zerelli took over the goalkeeping and showed his skill with a number of nice saves as Moreland re-grouped and beat the Wells for loose balls to add two early goals.  Sasha Willett came on to the Camberwell midfield and contested hard against more experienced opposition, setting up a chain of passes to give Cooper Vella a goal.  Tom Lee was adding bite to the Wells midfield and Sven Willett ran tirelessly between fastbreaks and covering dashes into defense.  Moreland added another goal to bring the three quarter break margin back to 8-5 and the game was in the balance.

The Magic gritted their teeth and quickly got down to the task in the final quarter with Warren Briscoe scoring on assist from Roy Loveday and Joe Pagliaro getting free to add another.  When Briscoe netted his second goal soon after the Magic had the contest under control.  Tom Lee bobbed up for a further goal and Moreland could only manage one as Vella and Shugg blocked their path and Jo Zerelli continued to save the goalshots.

This was a great victory for the Magic and a nice send off for Warren Briscoe who is returning home to Alice Springs.

At the sausage sizzle following the game Warren was presented with a club cap, team photo and two lacrosse sticks to take with him to Alice Springs.  Joe Pagliaro was named MVP and Zerelli and Sven Willett were also among the Magic's best for the day.