Match Reports 26-27 May 2012

Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 20 def. Knox 3

Knox had yet to post a win so there was an opportunity for us to work on team skills and bring others into play instead of relying on the usual suspects.

With three on the bench the mid-field was changed frequently enabling a fast pace to be maintained. Goals scored by Colin (#19), Gus (#24), Tommy (#17) and four to Lincoln (#7). Combined with a shut out by Ben (#13) in the cage, we ran up seven for the first quarter.

In the second term, Cocky again emphasized building attacks around structured plays using Lincoln and Colin to feed the ball forward. Jonathan (#32) provided assists to Lachlan (#40) to shoot a couple of goals and with that confidence behind him displayed the determination to fight for ground balls and sink two more. Colin and Lincoln chipped in with one apiece as well. When Knox did get the ball our defenders constantly harried them with some great stick checks as well as running them wide forcing ill directed passes that rarely hit the mark. Ben gets the credit for a first half shut out but kudos goes to the whole defensive line.

Against the grain, Knox came out in the second half to register three goals before we could respond with three of our own, but having no subs meant they couldn’t sustain the momentum. Whilst the scores for the quarter were even the Chiefs controlled the play trying to get each player a goal.

Ben, now relieved of keeping, took the ball in a long sprint from defence to finish with a goal. Tommy, Gus and Keither (#18) worked hard across the mid-field getting physical when required. Andreas (#15) prowled behind goal backing up the wide shots and with effective dodge turns, took on opponents larger than himself, maneuvered into a scoring position to strike.

The last period saw Isaac (#10) step up with improved ground ball acquisitions and on a fast break brushed aside two Knox guards muscled into range and notched a goal. Nick (#11) had been putting himself in good position to receive most of the match and snapped a goal of his own, this time for the Chiefs! Tommy is really showing promise and looks well organized whether in defense or attack (must be paying attention at training) adding another goal to finish with two. Lincoln tallied 7 goals & 3 assists, taking out best on ground.


Under 12 Boys - Sting

Camberwell Sting 18 def Williamstown Fearons 8

A windless dry Willy greeted Sting and with concern about playing a top team Sting pulled their socks up. A quick start from Sting with two goals left Fearon feeling their pants were down. They got the next goal but six minutes in called a time out to try to counter the running attack and solid defence from Sting. First quarter was 5:1.

The game got physical in the second and players started smelling the grass. All players were running hard to maintain pressure and frustrate Fearon's opportunities to pass. This lead to effective intercepts from Alex and the two Ethan’s, ground balls were largely won, and, if not, pressure was maintained often by Mikael. All were impressed with James Constance's effort and cries of "Go JC!" rang out many times from players and the sideline gallery. James Siadis stepped up providing pressure with his improved running and positioning. Half time score was 10:3 and both sides were starting to tire, even after a pause due to injury to a Fearon player.

The third quarter saw a more even game with three goals apiece and some good work in goal by Chris, however the fourth quarter saw a less energised opposition and Ethan B and Fergus were able to open up the defence twice for one on one goal shots, with a final score of 17 to 7, leaving behind a Stung Willy.

Defenders put themselves in the firing line to frustrate goal attempts, players maintained pressure to reduce effective passing, and ground balls were well contested. Reduced clumping made it easier to pass but still needs to improve, shots on goal were effective with only four misses to Fearon's seven. Short passing made it easier for the opposition to maintain pressure, and greater doggedness with ground balls was sometimes needed. A pleasing physical match to watch with all players putting in, with even Varick drawing defenders wide to open up the play.


Under 13 - Magic

Camberwell Magic 9 drew with Altona Blue 9

Magic travelled to Altona to face what we expected would be an over-powering opposition. Plenty of time spent on goalkeeping training on Thursday paid off with Warren Briscoe opening the game with four great saves in the first quarter. Joey Pagliaro was dominating the midfield with quick pick-ups and strong running to give the Magic attacks plenty of opportunities. Joe Zerelli converted and Pagliaro added a goal himself to have Camberwell one goal ahead at the first break.

Harrison Shugg and Tom Lee were defending strongly but Altona had plenty of players with slick stick-handling and it told with two goals against the Magic early in the second quarter. Danny Taylor fought hard for a great groundball and made a nice pass to Shugg who converted. Cooper Vella and Roy Loveday were making an impact on the midfield with strong running into attack but the Altona defence held firm and the score was tied up 3-all at the half.

Zerelli took over the goalkeeping and Briscoe immediately added bite to the attack, scoring nicely after Sasha Willet had recovered a loose ball. Tom Lee took a high pass from Shugg and the Wells were back in front before Altona went on a scoring spree to notch three un-answered goals. Lee hit back on assist from Taylor after a good attacking run from Vella. Three quarter time and one goal behind.

Loveday set the Magic going after picking up a loose ball in defence and Tom Lee capped it off with his third goal for the match. Altona were peppering the Camberwell goal but Zerelli was frustrating them with some great saves. Sven Willett, who had been quiet for much of the game, suddenly found his wings and scored from a feisty dodging run. Soon after it was Willet again beating his opponent on the ground and bringing off a give and go play to put Camberwell equal with one minute to play. Zerelli managed to deflect a final Altona shot as the siren sounded and the jubilant boys celebrated their tied game against a much more experienced team.

Best for Camberwell were Pagliaro, Briscoe, Sven Willett and Tom Lee