Match Reports 21 - 22 July 2012

Division 2

Camberwell 15 def Altona 9

Leading by a mere point in 2nd position, we travelled to Altona for a battle for 2nd place on the ladder.

Altona drew first blood but a hat trick from Jamie kept us ahead 4-2 in the quarter. Nick Barlow's dominance at centre meant we got possessions and with a patient attack led by Scottie, our attackers kept cutting and the goals eventually came. Nick was rewarded with a pair to lead a 6-1 quarter.

The game got physical and at times testy during the 3rd but another strong defensive performance while the attack line continued to work the system put us 14-4 ahead entering the 4th.

With the game an almost foregone conclusion, Altona stepped up their energy and we took our foot off the gas and allowed them to finish with a 5-1 run.


Under 16 Boys

Camberwell 11 def Chadstone 7

With the school break over we were back in the action against Chadstone. After our loss to Williamstown in the last round we went it tied with them for 4th position, with only goal percentage keeping us ahead. So this was an important, must win game.

Chadstone came out fast and scored a couple within a few minutes, but the boys regained their composure when Naizar put us on the board and we drew the quarter at 3-3. After the break, led by a couple each from Aaron and Eddy we got ahead and went into half time with a 7-4 lead.

After a solid half, the boys lost focus in the 3rd and allowed Chadstone to climb back and score a couple. Our defense was the star of the quarter denying goals during a 2min man-down and then a one minute 2-men-down situation, but still ... this loss of focus and energy cost us and going into the final quarter we were only one goal ahead.

Ollie let the boys have it in the huddle and we closed the game strong with another 4-1 quarter on the back of 2 goals from Caleb, including a perfectly executed "turbo" man-up play.


Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 13 def. Eltham 6

At the last encounter Eltham thumped us 21-3 so the boys were determined to return the favour and as a consequence we hit the pitch running. Lincoln, as Captain, played his usual forceful game but added to his credentials with a strong sense of leadership, often encouraging his team mates to lift their performance. Lachlan got lucky with his shot at goal as it drifted past their keeper in slow motion, Ben B. also caged one and Lincoln got three. The scoreboard reflecting a better team mind-set. Camberwell 5, Eltham 2.

The intensity lowered a little as unforced errors crept into our game allowing Eltham to command more of the play but they couldn’t make more than one shot stick. Jerome, giving his best performance since taking on the goalie role, made three great saves. Andreas put in a terrific effort cleanly picking up countless ground balls, dodging, drawing Eltham attackers towards him then passing off to a running team mate; continually turning defence into offensive thrusts. Lincoln scored one (another disallowed for stepping on the crease) and Tommy dribbled one in as well. (It was like watching those bullets from “The Matrix”.) Eltham 3 Camberwell 7

With a healthy bench of four, Cocky could swap the mid-field over regularly but Eltham were not out of the match. Two players in particular worked hard at narrowing the margin with some skilful passes and effective offensive positioning. Lincoln took the ball from face off to nail an opening goal for the quarter. Colin, cutting across goal received an assist to score his first for the day.

If Jerome had shown promise in the first half, he excelled in the third term holding out a sustained assault on goal. In the last few minutes of the quarter, Eltham threw everything at us, but our defenders locked down their attack by playing a zone and running down the clock. Eltham 5 Camberwell 9

Cocky wanted a repeat of the first quarter and the boys almost delivered, out scoring Eltham four goals to one. Ben B. got his second as did Colin and Lincoln added two more to finish with seven goals three assists. It was great to hear the boys “calling” for the ball and giving the man in possession assistance.

We will have to improve our basic skills of throwing, catching, ground balls cleanly and increase our shooting power for next weeks match against Caulfield (who did us a favour by beating Altona on Sat). All of which could prove pivotal to our chances of a finals berth. We’re currently sixth on the ladder and need to win three of the remaining four rounds to have a shot.


U12 Sting

Camberwell Vs Footscray - The Clash of the Titans

The two undefeated teams went head to head in the first match after the break.

Footscray Green turned up with fourteen to our eleven. Armed with good support from parents and coaches, Sting got off to a quick start with 2-0 in the opening four minutes. Footscray settled and went goal for goal for the rest of the quarter for 4-2 at the first break.

Footscray got into the swing of things and used the wings to run the ball from defence into attack. Slow ground ball pickups and not getting in front of opponents cost Sting dearly for a 5-5 tie at half time. Joel and Adam were most adamant during the breaks.

In the third Sting got ahead with some solid work from key players, Footscray’s numbers ensured they had fresh legs but our players were often able to keep up. Good pressure and some well fought ground ball contests saw Sting rise again to be one goal ahead at the last break for 7-6.

Everyone was feeling the pressure and Footscray players were rallying themselves on field yelling that they could still win it. All players were feeling the pressure but an early goal in the quarter by Sting led to Footscray’s frustration. Although they matched the goal, it was quickly answered by Sting. Then Footscray scored again to be one goal down. The clock started slowing down as Sting took the ball into attack and when the first shot on goal bounced off the goalie’s helmet it was a scramble to regain the ball and get off a second shot – which also missed. But this foray ran the clock out and Sting players, coaches and supporters were exuberant.

Footscray had some very good players including Georgie who spearheaded the attack from centre on at least three occasions. Footscray had accuracy in front of goal despite a valiant effort by Chris. Sting allowed turnarounds by not listening to the umpires, checking, giving up on opponents when they got a short distance away, and short passing. All players and coaches should be proud. The boys just need a bit more skills, speed and fitness work if they want to be on top at the end of the season. Now that Sting is the team to beat! Go Wells.

Camberwell Sting 13 def Footscray Green 12


U13 Girls

Camberwell 4 def by Footscray 6

While ladder positions suggested that this wouldn't be a close game, our U13 Girls had other ideas. After slogging it out with Newport in a quagmire last week, the girls were relishing the firmer pitch and were clearly stretching the Footscray defence from early in the game.

Sustained forward pressure in the early part of the first quarter saw Camberwell score the first goal — well done Laura! Footscray recovered to score the next couple, but none were easy due to sustained pressure from our defence. Amanda and Louisa especially, with goalkeeper Lizzie throwing in a couple of sharp saves. A feature of Camberwell's play was much improved transition from defence to attack, with Rhea, Laura and Meg doing great linking work through mid-field. Camberwell, through Rhea, scored in the second quarter to go in at half time 2-5 — down, but nowhere near out of the game.

The girls drew closer in the third quarter with goals to Rhea and Meg. Our contesting of the ball continued to be really strong with lots of ground balls going our way after massive efforts — hats off to Meg, Maeve and Hannah for some really gritty work! It was 4-5 heading into the final quarter and victory was a real possibility. Camberwell threw everything at Footscray, providing an appropriate climax to a great contest, and the game become even tougher in mid-field. Dogged defensive work held them to only one second half goal, but unfortunately we were not able to add to our tally.

The final score-line was 4-6. The girls can be proud of a superb effort that produced an outstanding game.