Match Reports 19-20 May 2012

Division 3 Men's

Camberwell 14 def Moreland 10

For the 2nd time is as many rounds we faced Moreland away. The team looked very much like the U16 team with a few senior ringers, mostly in defence. The midfield and attack had only 2 seniors.

Moreland was an improved team from our last encounter and the first half was very even and finished 5-all, with Moreland scoring in the dying seconds of both quarters. We made a change in the line-up at halftime, trying to inject more "legs" into midfield and tighten up the back line. This resulted in a 7-1 third quarter which put the game beyond doubt. 

While we were outscored 2-4 in the last quarter, a couple of Moreland's goals came in garbage time. Tallon was his usual self in attack with 7 goals, though he surprisingly did not dominate the face as he usually does. 

Our 3 elder defensive chiefs Ross, Josh and Vinnie fought hard to deny Moreland while Josh T. and Kiran provided much help in both D and midfield with Matt helping out with the damage in attack while in between having some rest on the chair beside the scorer's table. 

A nice 14-10 victory.


Under 16 Boys

Camberwell 12 def MHS Green 1

Boosted by a steady pattern of improvement since the season began and following our best game of the season, we faced another one of the MHS teams - Green. What looked like a walk in the park on paper turned to something very different. 

MHS came to play and apparently we did not. MHS played hard, with intensity and outclassed us in every effort related category. If they had been more skilled and experienced, I suspect we would have had a tough fight on our hands. Our game was flat throughout the day, though we picked it up somewhat in the 2nd half. 

Final score was 12-1 to Camberwell. Not quite a Pyrrhic victory so we'll take the win but push hard to improve next week. 


Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 13 def by Caufield 14 

A pitch drizzled with light rain greeted the teams for what looked to be a close competition and so it turned out to be. 

With Lincoln (#7) back on deck, some much needed drive could be restored to the centre. Both teams approached the game reservedly with a number of tentative body checks. After a time out the complexion of the match changed with purposeful play producing goals at both ends. The first break ended with teams at 4 to 3 Caulfield’s favour.

The game continued in the same manner in the second quarter. Loose defence on our part allowed Caulfield’s #16 to score repeatedly, compounded by squandered opportunities in attack, giving the opposition time to close down the play and recover control. If not for Lincoln the half time score would have been a blow out. As it stood 8-7 kept us in step.

Better team play, particularly in the back line, coupled with more players willing to step-up enabled The Chiefs to out score Caulfield in the third term bringing the match back to an even keel. We need to work on looking up for the pass when approaching goal, opening up the opposing defence, then shooting with more power behind the shot to maximize the opportunities created. After fifteen minutes the score tallied 11 goals all.

Caulfield had impressed with a nine-man squad, a player down and no bench. So with a team of thirteen we should have had the advantage going into the final period. This however was not the case. A couple of off side infringements had cost us earlier in the match and now Caulfield were threatening to skip away

We tightened the scores up at 12 apiece and needed to press home the attack on goal with three minutes remaining. Unfortunately the reverse happened and Caulfield scored twice. One minute on the clock and the board reading 13-14 against us. A last gasp effort was repelled and a draw slipped away.

The boys have the potential to perform better, and with each Thursday night training session they'll hone their throwing and catching and build the necessary confidence. 


Under 12 Boys - Magic

Camberwell Magic 8 def MCC 6

In drizzly conditions, Camberwell opened the scoring quickly with Warren Briscoe taking a well-directed pass from Harrison Shugg. Shugg and Pagliaro were dominant on the groundballs and Briscoe added a second goal from a Pagliaro assist. In defence, Danny Taylor in goals and Tom Lee and Cooper Vella were turning the MCC attack with good blocking and running clears. Shugg scored before the quarter siren to have the Magic leading 3 to 1.

Patrick Whelen, playing in attack in his first game, was winning ground ball contests and together with Roy Loveday worried the MCC defence. The team's youngest players, Sasha Willett and Edward Whelen, both drew spectator cheers by picking up loose balls and eluding much bigger opponents. The Magic added two goals in the second term from to lead 5 to 3 at half time.

The contest tightened in the second half with Camberwell struggling to hold the MCC midfielders but Harrison Shugg and Sven Willett cut them out and Cooper Vella brought off some scintillating saves in the goal. Danny Taylor showed his dodging power with a goal from a strong running dodge to give the Magic a one goal edge at the three quarter break.

MCC tied the scores soon into the final term but good clearing runs by Roy Loveday and Finn Whelen gave Sven Willet and Joe Pagliaro the opportunity to score and seal victory for the Magic.

Harrison Shugg, Sven Willett and Warren Briscoe received the referee votes for best afield.


Under 12 Boys - Sting

Camberwell Sting 16 def Surrey Park 9

The light drizzle belied the heat on the field, Sting was at home, and with no subs nobody was dozing.  A quick start saw a four to two first quarter, with Mikael and Alex doing the damage in attack and defense. Surrey players were better organised in the second and contests were tighter with a half time score of nine to four.

Alex swapped goalie duties with Ethan Boyd (in the second half, with Alex running out of goal to collect a loose ball at one stage).  Pressure on Surrey's attack saw them miss a few shots, but generally they got back into the game and started wearing down Sting's assault.

Varick scored his first goal to much cheer following his clean catch and run in.  James Siadis continued to improve his work rate, Ethan H again proved valuable in the mid-field.

Clumping around goal, creating opportunities to receive passes, inefficient running, and not maintaining pressure on opponents were areas for work.  However, the strong effort by all was very rewarding, good passing and catching, only three missed shots on goal, and monitoring the ball and opponents helped the stinging win of 16 9 against a good Surrey Park team.