Match Reports 18 August 2012

Under 12 Boys - Magic

Camberwell Magic 13 def Malvern Red 0

Heavy overnight rain persisted into the morning and gave the boys a taste of muddy and wintry playing conditions. Most of the team took a while to adjust to the heavy ground and the wet mesh in their sticks made the ball difficult to handle with surety. Cooper Vella and Harrison Shugg, who have dominated the Magic defense for most of the year, started in attack and combined well to score the opening goals. Danny Taylor ran hard off the midfield and chimed in for two goals before the quarter finished.

Patrick Whelen and Danny Taylor moved to attack and Taylor netted the only goal for the quarter. Thomas Lee and Finn Whelen were holding out the opposition and Roy Loveday in goals made a few well-executed clearing runs. Joe Zerelli was unluckt to hit the goalies stick with a close in shot.

At 5 to nil at half time, the coaches made more shifts with Finn Whelen taking over the goals and Loveday and Lee moving to the attack. The team settled into some impressive passing plays capped off with nice goals from Shugg, Lee and Loveday before Patrick Whelen took a pass from Joe Pagliaro and steadied before driving it home for his first-ever goal. Brother Finn at the other end of the field was experiencing life as a goalie and recorded a great save and a neat ground ball clear to keep the Magic shutout going. Lee was using the ball effectively and notched up four assists with Loveday covering plenty of ground and scoring again.

In the final term Pagliaro and Loveday each scored but the feature of the Wells play was the commitment the boys showed to moving the ball through a chain of passes before pushing on the goal. The siren sounded to end what has been a great year for the mostly new players in the Magic team. They are looking forward to next Saturday's Lightning Premiership.

Best players fro the Magic were Lee, Patrick Whelen and Taylor.


Under 12 Boys - Sting

Camberwell Sting 20 def Malvern Black 8

Sting players had mixed emotions as they arrived to a wet field facing a Malvern team with 14 players to our 10, they were keen not to lose this match to the number three side which had given them grief in the establishment rounds. Malvern started with the ball but it was intercepted by Alex who ran the ball in to the attack passed to Ethan B for a quick goal. The play started again with more determination, and this time the ball was also collected by Sting passed twice then to Mikael who ran in and shot but had it blocked but not retained, Mikael retrieved the ball, passed it got it back and scored. Malvern steadied changed their players and positions and got back two for the quarter to have Sting ahead 6-2 in the first.

The second quarter saw a physical game with Sting again aware that they needed to work hard if they wanted to stay ahead. Malvern was playing a similar type of game and all players were using their bodies to exclude others. The wet conditions meant the ball was not rolling on the ground and this was making it harder to pick up the ball. It also seemed to make the ball slippery and Malvern more than Sting lost the ball from their sticks after collecting it. Alex continued to intercept the ball often one-handed as he pressured attacking players who were forced to dispatch the ball. Alex was pressured in defense but was again well supported by JC who won many tough competitions for the ball. Alex was often forced to pass long to Ethan or Fergus in attack who were usually able to receive and take the ball forward, and score. The second half ended at 11-4 and although Sting players were pleased with themselves they were keenly aware that Malvern Black had the talent to take it back and James Siadis had a great goal to much regale.

The third quarter was an evenly contested affair with both sides scoring 3 goals. This quarter was perhaps marked by the strong contests going on around the field, the most interesting was Mikael driving his stick between the legs of Malvern's tallest player to get to the ball and the Malvern player falling flat on his face. Mikael went on to collect the ball and pass it to a Sting forward. This quarter saw Malvern have more shots on goal and Ironman Mastoris saved three shots in this quarter to add to Malvern's frustration. Malvern defense had tightened up in this quarter with their goalkeeper coming out twice to collect and pass deep. The rain came down for a short shower but the players barely noticed and play continued as intensely.

In the fourth quarter Sting were seven ahead and knew it was their's for the losing. Two quick goals from Sting took the task out of Malvern's reach and Sting relaxed to play the ball with more efficiency. Alex came forward to score with Ethan B and Fergus as Mikael went into defense. Matthew and Jamie continued their running ways to score and bring up balls from mid-field. Varick caught and passed well in a high-pressure setting, and James Siadis pressured players in both mid-field and defense. The final score was 20-8, with all three coaches very proud, and Sting players owning their accomplishment. Both teams showed excellent skills and game sense. Look out U14!