Match Reports 16-17 June 2012

Divison 3

Camberwell 24 def MCC 9

After a disappointing loss to Williamstown last week, we faced this week our nemesis – MCC. I predicted that this time around we would not see the 24-0 outcome we got in round 1. Turned out I was right … almost.

The game started slowly with both teams playing cautiously and the result was close at the end of the 1st at 4-3 our way. The 2nd quarter is when the flood gates opened and with a 9-3 period, we pretty much put the game away. With a short bench, MCC began to tire and was never a real threat from then on.

We had a full bench and with Grant umpiring, Jules finally had something to do once he pulled his hammie (which was only a matter of time), as he walked the line and acted coach-like. On the field we had Tallon’s 10-goal performance in the 2nd and 3rd sandwiched between his bro Zappa’s 7 goals in the 1st and 4th.

Josh was given a minute for un sportsman-like (finally the authorities are catching up to him) and the game – as anticipated – got “lively” at certain stages. Jules did make a couple of well-placed time-out calls which avoided a skirmish, but overall it was a rather one-sided contest and we came up 24-9 on top.


Under 16 boys

Camberwell 6 def by Malvern 14

For round 10 we travelled the long and winding road to Malvern, to face the leading team on the ladder.

Malvern were undefeated and had been winning convincingly. We started the game strong. We were winning the face, our attack moved the ball and our defence was stellar. The boys held the back line and did not get sucked in to stick chasing.

Our transition game was inconsistent, in particular our passing and catching let us down. However, the boys went hard for ground balls and at half time, after playing at an even level, we held a narrow 4-3 lead.

This was the best game all year and everyone felt good, but we knew the 3rd quarter will be crucial. Sadly this proved to be a game of two halves. Our transition defence suddenly lost its sting and we ended up in many man-down situations or with unfavourable match-ups. Malvern quickly rattled a 5-1 quarter but all was not yet lost.

However, the 4th quarter proved to be much like the 3rd with Malvern scoring almost all its goals in transition, with shots 5ft. from the cage.

Final result was a 6-14 loss.


Under 14 boys

Camberwell 9 def. by Reds 24

A record fifteen Camberwell players turned up for the start, on paper the Reds, a combined team of Malvern, Surrey Hills & M.C.C. have looked strong but a little hot and cold so we knew the best way to manufacture a victory was to start hot and bring everything to the table employing a more physical game plan.

The first quarter appeared promising but the inability to finish really cost us. The boy’s were under pressure from the get go and contributed to number of errors. The Reds made the most of it scoring nine to zip.

The coaches used the first break to refocus the team and encouraged them to raise the work rate.

The second quarter saw a more even contest, both teams getting four all, until two late goals to the Reds stretched their lead to 15-4 at half time.

With some back to basics during the half time break, the coaches were hopeful of lifting the team’s performance. But the Reds were well up to the challenge. They kept stripping our guys and winning the contested ball which resulted in regular scoring.

The team has the capacity to perform much better, as they have done in the past. With more practice the boys know they’ll get there. A back to basics approach of throwing and receiving on the run, controlled cradling, stronger shooting and passing to the player who is not under pressure will surely help.


Under 12 Boys - Magic

Camberwell Magic 15 def Malvern Red 0

As captain for the day, six year old Ed Whelen looked dwarfed by all around him as he led the Magic on the field.  That didn't stop him racking up heaps of possessions and two assists as the Wells went on a scoring spree to outclass Malvern.

The opening half brought goals from Danny Taylor, Cooper Vella, Joe Pagliaro, Warren Briscoe and Tom Lee as the Magic set up a 7 to nil break.  Sasha Willett was scrapping hard for groundballs, Finn Whelen took a hot pass but hit the goalie while the defensive end was being solidly controlled by Joe Zerelli and Tom Lee.  Roy Loveday, who had practised hard for his goalkeeping debut, experienced a quiet half with no work to do as the Magic continued to cut off the Malvern advances.

Positional changes for the second half saw Pagliaro snatch three quick goals and Loveday add to the tally with Harry Shugg and Danny Taylor setting up the Camberwell attack with good dodging and well placed assists.  Sven Willett's rising confidence was showing out as he and brother Sasha took over the defensive duties and succeeded in shutting out the opposition.

At 11 to nil coming into the final period, the Magic switched to a multiple- passing team attack with lots of assists and the scoring led by two nicely placed goals from Loveday and others from Briscoe and Vella.  A pleasing feature of the Magic game was the signs that the boys are getting to understand when and how to run when thr transition between defence and attack is occurring.

Best players for the Wells were Harry Shugg, Joe Pagliaro, Danny Taylor and Roy Loveday.


Under 12 boys - Sting

Camberwell Sting 15 def Malvern Black 5

Sting started this match with some trepidation given we only had one sub to their eight, but half way through the first quarter the two remaining James' turned up.  This lifted spirits as the first quarter was an intense affair with Malvern Black showing Sting they knew how to play the game.  However Sting hit their straps to give a first quarter score of 5 - 2, after a lot of effort.  Malvern were able to get into attack but not convert.

The second quarter was also intense and Malvern were able to intercept a number of passes with their good running and player pressure.  The large number of subs meant that Malvern was swapping almost their entire team every few minutes, and although this gave them fresh legs it also meant that their players seemed to take a while to settle in.  Sting continued to apply pressure and despite some good goalkeeping was able to score another five goals to zip with a half time score of 10-2. 

Malvern came out fighting in the third and outscored Sting 3 to 2.  However, Chris proved he was becoming a more seasoned goalkeeper with some excellent saves - one ricocheting off his foot - he also showed he was confident to run out of goal to collect balls, and was better able to pass the ball when he had it.  Alex stopped the match with a shot into the crotch of the Malvern goalkeeper.  The sound could be heard bouncing off the Dandenongs, as tears welled widely, and anyone who has seen Alex wind a shot up would empathise.  The turnovers in the match were surprising and Mikael in mid-field and Alex in defense were responsible for a few with Mikael intercepting a Malvern ball starting play after a goal. 

Good defense proved invaluable as Malvern had their share of shots and time in attack.  Running down loose balls aided Sting's efforts, but not having anyone to pass to lost us the ball on at least three occasions, as did soft passing which was intercepted by pressuring Malvern players.

The final score was 15 - 5, and although this surprised onlookers given the strong ball skills displayed by Malvern, Sting has found the ability to pressure their opponents into error, and know that not giving up when competing for loose balls will often end in Sting's favour.