Match Reports 11 - 12 August 2012

Women’s B Grade - Semi Final

Camberwell 7 def by Malvern 12

Congratulations to our Women’s B Grade!

Our Women’s B Grade team went down in a tight game against Malvern 12-7. As a result they have finished the season in 4th position. This is a fantastic result for a team that did not have sufficient players at the start of the season. Congratulations to all involved!


Under 14 Boys

Camberwell 19 def. Moreland 8

Whilst we beat Moreland in the first round they have found some form defeating Eltham recently. Considering our tentative grip on fourth place this encounter was not to be taken lightly. Playing eight a side kept our bench loaded, Moreland toughed it out with just seven players together.

The first quarter opened with a full out assault on Moreland’s keeper, our mid-field supporting Lincoln who took the face off then drove straight to cage. This set the tone for the quarter our forwards peppering the goal to good effect, Colin securing a pair, Lachlan, Gus and Ben B. with singles and Lincoln with four goals for a nine to one quarter.

The work rate dropped in the second term, the ball transitioning from one end to the other with neither team looking organized. The slippery conditions and growing muddy patch in the centre contributing to some scrappy play.

After gaining possession then drawing two opponents the down field pass was often not taken, which would have effectively left them two men down in defense.

With the half time scores at Camberwell 11 Moreland 2 the result was not an issue. It was all about developing team skills. Colin was consistently making good position around goal with Nick, Gus and the two Ben’s competing hard for possession. Angus used his body to position himself to gather loose ground balls from our defensive zone then move the ball toward attack. It’s great to have a dedicated goalie as Jerome kept an improving Moreland offence to two goals. Colin, Lincoln and Lachlan each scored one a-piece.

The last term opened with some skilled play, Lincoln winning the ball from face to pass to Colin cutting across to receive cleanly then goal on a couple of occasions. To Moreland’s credit, they rallied around their best player to score four goals to end the game on a positive note.


Under 12 Boys - Magic v Blitz

Camberwell Magic 8 drew with Camberwell Blitz 8

It was our own local derby with teams that included most of this year's new recruits and lots of excited parents and supporters cheering from the sidelines.

The Magic were apprehensive coming into the game but eager to show that they could match it with the more experienced Blitz. When the opening thrusts into attack by Blitz were cut off and repelled by Harrison Shugg, Cooper Vella and goalkeeper Danny Taylor, the doubts and nervousness of the Magic boys seemed to lift. Joe Pagliaro was running hard and winning ground balls and Patrick Whelen was slipping into open space and driving the ball forward. The opening goal of the match came from Thomas Lee for the Magic after five minutes of see-sawing tussle. Tommy Griffiths struck back for the Blitz but the Magic kept advancing and looked set to jump ahead but for a number of great goalkeeper saves from Blake Thornton. Tom Lee netted his second before the bell to leave the Magic ahead 2-1 at the quarter break.

In the second period the ball went from end to end with lots of oohs and aahs from the sidelines as the boys of both teams ran their hearts out. It was shaping up as a mighty game. Ben Abrahams scored on a strong Blitz play and Finn Barrett followed with another before Joe Pagliaro made a thrilling dodging run from outside the restraining line and beat the goalie with a well-placed rocket. It was 3-all at half time.

The Blitz jumped out fast in the third with strong midfield play from from Eden Casey, Jack Stewart and Jason Zhang to set up Alex Staines for two impressive goals. Griffiths and Stewart added to the tally and suddenly the Blitz were finding clear air. With Sasha Willett and Finn Whelen on the midfield and Joe Zerelli back in goal, the Magic made positional shifts to try and break the Blitz control. Danny Taylor showed his stuff with a nice dodging goal and decisive shot but the bell sounded with Blitz 7 goals to 4.

In the final term Sven Willett lifted for the Magic and diminuitive Edward Whelen outplayed his bigger opponents to set up a chain of passes that found Tom Lee open for a goal. Roy Loveday was in a great tussle with Nick Green and got a long pass across field to Joe Pagliaro for a dodging goal. The Magic were storming but could they make up the deficit as tired bodies began to tell? Jason Zhang took a pass from Brad Fox for the Blitz and it seemed that the party was over for the Magic. When Pagliaro netted his third goal the margin was back to a single goal. Sven Willett almost equalised but the goalie turned him back and Tom Wildoer shoved the ball upfield out of defence. With less than a minute to play Sven Willett got another chance, making a strong dodge and powering his way to the front of goal before nailing his shot into the top corner. The bell rang and the boys were all stunned as the realization dawned that the match was a draw!

Best for the Magic were Shugg, Lee, Vella and Pagliaro and Thornton, Griffiths, Stewart and Staines showed out for the Blitz


Under 12 boys - Sting

Camberwell Sting 23 def Eltham 2

A slightly muddy but definitely slippery and wet field greeted the two teams. Sting with its usual eleven faced a team of fourteen in yellow. Eltham started with the ball, but not for long, as the first pass was intercepted with express mail to our forwards for delivery to goal in the first minute - priority paid. A stunned Eltham were more patient in getting the ball into play. Sting were now itching to go and the Eltham mid-field were figuring the best way to attack. Continued pressure throughout the first quarter with some good ground ball collection kept the game interesting with both sides trying hard. This belied the score at the first break of five to one.

The rest of the match continued in similar fashion with unrelenting pressure from Sting who never stopped wanting the ball. Although Alex and JC were often occupied in defense, their capacity to collect and clear the ball to mid-field kept setting up the forwards. Players were rotated through various positions to give everyone a shot, literally, and the match slowed when one or two players were fed the ball to give them a shot on goal.

Fergus was taken off the field having received a stick end in the eye. The final score of 23 to 2, with Eltham's second in the final term, showed the good work rate Sting was able to maintain.

Opening up the defense by playing behind the goal, fighting for ground balls, reasonably good passing, and running into position provided the backbone of the win. Puddles around the goals stopped balls from bouncing into goal on at least three occasions. Eltham were able to put some good plays together but lacked an answer to Sting defenders.