Lacrosse Victoria Bulletin 2011 Issue 6

Highlights from the third issue, 12th May 2011.

  1. Four candidates have come forward to fill in the open seats on the LV Board. They are Coleen Hunter, Susanna Mullner, John Morgan, and Lynne Pike. Clubs will then vote on whether these candidates will be appointed to a two-year tenure.
  2. The Board has passed a resolution on how ALRA should allocate referees. As in the past, State League gets first priority followed by Division 3, Division 2, and finally Division 1. The rationale being that there is a greater need for management in the divisions which have more Juniors mixed in with adults.
  3. The Junior Sub-Committee is still discussing the Junior-specific issues. Everyone is invited to send in their comments and views on whether Junior age groups should be based on odd or even ages, on whether U13 girls should use a hard or a soft ball, whether the Bonus Point Rule should be kept and whether girls should be counted as part of the rule.
  4. Most importantly, the Junior Sub-Committee encourages feedback on the issue of retention. LV is losing so many kids, especially in the U18 bracket and there are questions on whether the association’s current strategies need be overhauled.
  5. The association is reviewing its efforts in the Warrnambool regional area. Expansion into new regional areas is part of LV’s five-year strategic plan and a lot of hard work has gone into developing this district.
  6. LV welcomes Sue Sofarnos and Rod Ansell as new coaches for Senior Victorian Women. These two are eminently qualified and LV is glad to have them on board.
  7. A Lax show has been launched on Channel 31. Anyone interested in contributing to this project, whether it be in filming, editing, or presenting is very much welcome.
  8.  LV expresses deepest regret on the passing of Adrianne Trainor and extends condolences to the entire Trainor family.