Lacrosse Victoria Bulletin 2011 Issue 2

1. Round One of the State League season will be held on April 9th at Warrnambool as part of the “Classic”. Matches as drawn are: Surrey v Camberwell; Williamstown v Footscray; MCC v Eltham; Caulfield v Chadstone; Malvern Bye. Round 2 will be on April 30th.

Note that all other fixtured Men’s games as well as Junior Establishment Rounds will commence April 30th. Round One of the Women’s competition is scheduled for Sunday March 27 at Altona.

2. As part of Lacrosse Victoria’s commitment to The Warrnambool Classic, Round Three of the State League women’s fixture will also be held at Warrnambool on April 9th.

3. The Eltham Lacrosse Club has successfully tendered for the hosting of the Under 19 and Under 17 National Men’s Championships and the Under 21 and Under 17 Women’s Championshipo. School holidays commence on April 9th with Easter in between and the finals are to be held on April 22nd and 23rd.

4. Going by the team entries for 2011, lacrosse player numbers will hopefully be similar to 2010. It appears that the playing group is aging and this is reflected in the diminishing number of Division One teams and an increase in Division 2 and 3 teams. Con Loulatzis, secretary of the LV board, intends to take player age data and plot this figure each year as an indicator of the general health of the sport. Volunteers are called to help with this endeavor.

5. The Lacrosse Victoria board, populated by well-known environmentalists, is considering publishing the Annual Handbook in PDF (Print Downloadable Form) on its website ( This will help us spare some trees and prevent wastage. Please let your feelings be known, otherwise this year’s handbook could be a collectors item.

6. The flamboyant Duncan McKenzie has volunteered to organise referee training for parents during the Establishment rounds. Similarly, all players - past and present - should head down to the Establishment Rounds and offer their experience. Go on don’t be afraid - it will be great to see you!

7. The Lacrosse community mourns the passing of three truly wonderful members. Mrs. Beryl Tillotson - the “mother” of Surrey Park; Mr. George Larkin, the MCC hard man; and Mr. Roy Freeman, the father of the Chadstone Freeman boys. Our condolences to the families, friends, and Clubs of these remarkable Lacrosse folk. Those who knew them are invited to write a small biography to be published in the News Bulletin.