Lacrosse Victoria Bulletin 2011 Issue 1

Highlights from the first issue, 10 February 2011.

The Lacrosse Victoria Board met on Wednesday 9th February and decided on the following issues:

1. Under 13 Girls will play in a finals competition since most of the Clubs are in favour of this.

2. The Under 12 Bonus Rule will be more strictly enforced. Points for out of school competitions will not be considered, nor will on-the-day mishaps be considered as reasons for not fielding two teams each Saturday. Furthermore, the issue was raised that some Clubs are not taking the establishment rounds seriously and the Board has voted on bonus points being awarded for the establishment rounds.

3. The Board felt there was not enough time to successfully transition from an even based competition to an odd based competition. Both camps are very polarised on this issue and Club voting was close.

4. Lacrosse Victoria is soliciting submissions from both Clubs and individuals on the pros and cons of both systems. The association intends to thoroughly canvas this topic before the start of next season so that well-informed decisions will ground this policy formulation.

5. Lacrosse Victoria would also like to hear your opinions on whether to extend the Under 18 competition to an Under 19 competition. There appears to be compelling debate on this issue. Objective arguments will be very welcome.

6. ALRA’s referees have been granted a 15% pay rise, their first in 3 years. This is still favorable compared to other sports and we are quite fortunate to having some of the best refs in the world adjudicating our Saturday afternoon games.