Jennie Tames the Divvy Twos

When Joel Easson (current State League player) was recruited to play in the Under 12's, little did his mum Jennie know that a decade later she would be running up and down the lacrosse field brandishing a whistle.

Here she is pictured officiating as an Accredited Referee in the Division 2 match between Camberwell and Altona.  "I enjoy refereeing and I have never had any disrespectful behaviour from players.  They might not always agree with my calls but they accept that I am doing the job to the best of my ability.  Blowing the whistle is nowhere near as hard as the trek to Machu Picchu which I did a few years ago.  More parents should try refereeing.  It gives you a different insight into just how skilful this game is".