General Meeting Minutes of LV Junior Sub committee

As there's a lot of focus on junior recruitment, LV have formed a special Junior subcommittee to provide special attention to this area. Following are the minutes of their most recent meeting held February 2nd.

1. Finals for U13 Girls. It was generally agreed by the group that kids enjoy playing and would like to have additional games, by way of finals. Most voted and agreed to recommend the U13 Girls finals to the match committee.

2. Bonus Points. There was healthy debate on the Junior rule. Footscray raised the point that the rule is in effect watered down because whilst it is a Boys rule, the U12 teams are supplemented by girls--in many cases as much as 50% of a team. However at this stage there is no change to the bonus point rule.

3. Feedback from Surrey Park. An overview of the arrangement between LV and SPLC and how they would gain bonus points was explained. Unfortunately, SPLC did not meet the criteria and were not eligible to receive any bonus points.

4. Junior recruitment plan. It was suggested that LV create a blueprint for clubs to implement. All agreed that this would be worthwhile, but time-consuming. More details about this plan will be presented at the next board meeting.

Some clubs felt that their programmes have been disparate and not as successful as they might have expected. The group agreed that clubs should feel open to working with each other in either developing a programme or simply sharing best practices in recruitment.

5. VicLax U11 programme discussion. It was agreed that the programme has merit and should be pursued. U11 Girls will be the first group to be implemented. The programme will replace the first 8 weeks of the regular season, with the regular season beginning at the conclusion of the 8 weeks. Participating clubs will fund the programme with LV assisting in some marketing costs in the form of polo tops and caps.

The success of the programme will be assessed at the end of the season to determine if and how to expand i.e., with a different age group, or boys, etc. The main discussion was on whether it is to be hosted each week by the club hosting the women's round. The match committee will discuss this point and present updates at the next meeting.

6. U12 Establishment Round Parent Introduction (Level 0) training for parents. This was raised at the referee forum last year and is aimed at providing an inclusive environment for new parents and to impart an understanding of the game. It is also intended to encourage parents to get actively involved and possibly officiate games. Duncan McKenzie will be responsible for running the programme and liaising with host establishment and host round clubs to provide a Level 0 referee training program for the parents.

7. Even age discussion. Most representatives at the meeting felt that the junior men's age groups should revert back to odd age groups. There were varying arguments for the change however the primary issue was clubs losing too many players in year 12 which is having an impact on U18 numbers.

Considerations include which age group the Junior rule would now apply to, which season to make the change, how to implement new age group rules, and Clubs' current recruiting programmes. This issue will be raised at the men's section of the clubs conference on Saturday 19th February.