First Lacrosse Movie to be Released in 2012

Can a ragtag high school lacrosse team from a Native American reservation beat the better-equipped players of the Prep School League to take the state championship crown?

Crooked Arrows is the first American sports movie dedicated to lacrosse. Drawn from the same inspiring line as iconic movies like Mighty Ducks, Hoosiers, and Bend It Like Beckham the movie chronicles the reluctant protagonist’s quest to reignite the spirit of his tribe by coaching the high school lacrosse team of his reservation.

Brandon Routh, best known for his role as Superman, takes the lead in this film as Joe Logan. He and his team face uneven odds – their rivals from the upscale Prep School League are better financed and have better training. Armed only with pride in their heritage, sheer determination, and spirit; Joe and his boys make it through the league tournament to the championship finals.

The movie is slated for a 2012 release. The production team is currently on a casting tour of America for lacrosse talent.