Division 2 keeps it winning record intact

The Division 2 team continued its winning form in a hard fought game against the physical and powerful Eltham Team.  
It was a typical game against Eltham who tried to dominate physically, particularly in the ground ball contest but Camberwell let by the wily and experienced Nick Barlow matched their physicality and endeavour in the contest. Nick and Jet Lorenz gave us first use out of the face off and our attack players controlled the offence (When they were not wasting opportunities with poor shot selection and execution!)
The Defence played a disciplined game (they did not give away a personal foul between them) and gave Brett (Yeah Yeah) Barnard time to see the shots.  This resulted in a shut out in 3 of the 4 quarters to hold Eltham to only 2 goals for the game. The game marked the Australian debut of Christian Blair who although jet lagged showed that he will be an asset  to the club.
The goals were shared around with:
Christian 1 Goal, Glenn 1 Goal, Matt Jones 1 Goal, Joey 3 Goals, Zappa 3 Goals and Twisty 4 Goals. Unfortunately the referees did not call any assists but many of goals were assisted.  However, overall we were wasteful in our shots and should have had many more goals.
Votes went to Glenn (3), Twisty (2) and Nick (1)