B Grade Grand Final 2010

Grand Final team 2010

After a relaxed training session on Tuesday the women discussed tactics to keep Surrey from passing to their    younger fitter players. Game day had good weather but Chadstone goal fans were beginning to look pretty muddy. Slips were common.

The scoring started with an in hit from Surrey and Camberwell scored 2 quickly. Emily was taken off the field with the blood rule after 2 Surrey players collided with her, hitting her nose. Surrey’s time out was followed by two quick goals leaving the lead at 1 and worrying spectators that players may lose their focus as happened at the preliminary final.

Strong play by everyone increased Surrey’s frustration to where they became sloppy and were penalised. Mel, Donna and Beth lead the way giving other players a chance to make positions for passes. Good running from all players started to wear Surrey down and their players were unable to score with some brilliant goal keeping by Fiona.

Our team’s inclusive approach to all players showed that any Camberwell player could get the ball and contribute to the team effort. A win of 13-4 was cheered by spectators who appreciated the skills shown. The last time Camberwell won B grade was in 1986, when our players were babies or not born yet. It was a great win. Thanks to all who supported the team over this year, spectators, scorers, parents, committee etc. Big thanks to Leigh for his dedication throughout the season, and he kept his cool despite some tense moments. Who knows what 2011 has in store?

(back row) Leigh Hadden (coach), Grace Mackie (25), Aimee Ch’ng (64), Louise Quince (58), Beth Trewern (1), Donna Welsh (2), Fiona Carroll (15)
(front row) Cat Do (24), Ellen Campbell (16), Melissa Hadden (18), Emily Conway (68), Isabelle Hodder (22), Chloe Amantea (43)