Australia Lacrosse Classic

Since before last year, Lacrosse Victoria has been providing some information about the Australia Lacrosse Classic. Reaction has been positive and, going by what is happening in the United States, it’s not hard to see why. More people participate than just single State representatives and therefore more matches are played. Additionally, there is more emphasis on having a good time and playing some top-level lacrosse. Competition is great without the drama of striving to be the national champions.

The Classic aims to develop Warrnambool as a regional centre for lacrosse in much the same way as Bendigo; this allows equal access by South Australian Lacrosse and Victorian Lacrosse. The Victorian government has supported sporting diversity in regional areas and provides funding to develop this diversity. Schools have expressed their willingness to be involved in our sport and there is a student population training to be teachers who we can interest in conducting after school programs.  

Thus far there has been extensive press coverage in Warrnambool and this can be expected to continue. Everyone in the area will know that lacrosse is in town. It’s time to get your gear and get involved in this new addition to the annual Lacrosse Victoria calendar!

Australian Lacrosse Classic
April 4th - 10th, 2011
Warrnambool, Victoria