2020 Training schedules

The 2020 training schedule is now available for all. Coaches are due to be announced shortly.

For the training schedule, it is always a challenge to address everyone's different needs including coaches, players, parents. We also have limited ground space available. Hopefully the schedule fits your personal commitments. If not please contact us so that we can adapt a program that works.

Some of the key concepts we will adopt are

  • Male and female mixed together to foster an integrated club
  • Options for kids to attend multiple sessions by training with a higher age group when they are ready
  • Encouragement for U17 to start to train with seniors for a second session
  • Specialist fitness and skills sessions on Wednesdays
  • Regular all-club training sessions
  • Chance for boys and girls to participate in general sessions on Wednesdays

Preseason in March

Where: Dorothy Laver Reserve East

Come and join us anytime in March to get your season off to a start. Bring a friend along to earn a chance to win a new stick.


  • 5:30 pm All juniors
  • 6:30 pm seniors


  • 6:30 pm seniors

Regular season training 

Where: Eric Raven Reserve 
When: April

Tuesday  5:30 pm

  • U13 and U15 girls x3 teams   (can also train with U17 on Thursday)
  • U15 boys x2 teams    (can also train with U17 on Thursday)

Tuesday  6:30 pm

  • Senior Men and Women

Wednesday 5:30 pm

  • Fortnightly fitness sessions
  • Regular specialist session (e.g. goalie, faceoff, draw, shooting)

Thursday 5:30 pm

  • U11 boys and girls
  • U13 boys   (can also train with U15 boys on Tuesday)
  • U17 boys
  • U17 girls

Thursday  6:30 pm

  • Senior Men and Women