2019 Junior Awards

Congratulations to all juniors for a successful 2019 season. From the under 11's (pictured above) through to under 17, it was great to see so many teams and so many kids playing lacrosse. The highlight of the year was the Under 13 girls winning the premiership, but every team should be proud of their efforts.

The following awards were given to outstanding juniors:

Hay Capital Award for Outstanding Junior Girl Saskia Hollenkamp
Morrie Aitken Award for Outstanding Junior Boy Miles Cowton
Bugeja Medal for
Best Junior Girl Recruit
Bianca Ting
Doug Fox Medal for
Best Junior Boy Recruit
Beau Richards
Special Coaches Award for Dedication to Lacrosse Ella Jamieson


U11 U11
Best and Fairest: Joel Goldhagen
Best Utility: Harry Smith
Best First Year Player: Spencer Schaxmann
Most Valuable: Claire Lamb
Most Improved: Belle Wong
Coaches' Award: Mia Lander
Boys U13 Girls U13
Best and Fairest: Henry Martin
Best Attack: Fred Richards
Best Utility: Owen Orelup
Coaches' Award: Matthew Lamb
Best and Fairest: Georgia Floyd
Best Attack: Rhyannon Bergin
Most Improved: Bianca Ting
Coaches' Award: Siena Connaughton
Boys U13 Cam-Cau  
Best and Fairest: Jake Cotchin
Best Attack: Blake Stringer
Best Midfield: Harper Lane
Best Defence: Alexander Hadaway
Coaches' Award: Simeon Goldberg
Boys U15 Girls U15
Best and Fairest: Miles Cowton
Most Valuable Offensive: Frank McKenna
Most Improved: Sasha Pearce
Coaches' Award: Sam Larking
Best and Fairest: Trinity Meachem
Best Utility: Ruby Pagliaro
Best Attack: Amelie Mansfield
Coaches' Award: Natalie Fleming
  Girls U13 Cam-Cau
  Best and Fairest: Elizabeth Floyd
Most Consistent: Millie Taylor
Most Improved: Angela Hewerdine
Encouragement Award: Micky Van Dalen
Boys U17 Girls U17
Best and Fairest: Dante Francese
Runner Up: Andrew Samson-Loxton
Coaches' Award: James Murray
Best and Fairest: Meg Bown
Best Attack: Saskia Hollenkamp
Most Improved: Zalie Brown
Coaches' Award: Paige Currie