2018 Awards

2018 was a great year for lacrosse at Camberwell. Thanks to all the players, coaches, managers, officials and other volunteers who made it all possible. Lacrosse is a team sport that relies on the whole team to contribute, but there were a number of players who we recognise for having an outstanding year.

Senior Awards

Golden Whistle: Antony Braakhuis
Volunteer of the year: Helen and Mike Gloutnay

Men's State League

Best and Fairest: Aaron Hussain

Dan Meehan
Best Utility
Robbie Gloutnay
Rising Star
Al Rubins & Joey Pagliaro

Women's Division 1

Best and Fairest: Amanda Hollenkamp

Most Valuable
Grace Mackie
Team Spirit
Poppy Ashby
Best Midfielder
Laura Braakhuis

Men's Division 2

Best and Fairest: Fionn Barritt & Tristan Ward

Best Attack
Glenn Anderson
Best Defence
Dante Francese

Junior Awards

Hay Capital Outstanding Junior Girl 2018:  Cassidy Richards

Aitken Trophy - Outstanding Junior Boy 2018:  Joey Pagliaro

Best Junior Boy Recruit 2018:  Daniel Frawley

Best Junior Girl Recruit 2018:  Maya Stubbs


Girls U17

Best Camberwell Player: Laura Braakhuis

Boys U17

Best and Fairest: Joey Pagliaro

Best Midfield
Matt Stevenson
Best Defence
Dante Francese
Coaches Award
James Murray

Girls U15

Best and Fairest: Cassidy Richards & Saskia Hollenkamp

Best Defender/mid
Mitha Mallichetty
Stonewall Award
Ella Jamieson
Stepping Up Award
Trinity Meachem

Boys U15

Best and Fairest: Ned McKenna

Best Defensive Player
Marcus Woon
Most Improved
Angus Ashby
Coaches Award
Isaac Bigaignon

Girls U13

Best and Fairest: Ruby Pagliaro

Best Attack
Miakoda Murray
Most Versatile
Trinity Meachem
Most Improved
Mikayla McMeikan

Boys U13

Best and Fairest: Henry Martin

Best Attack
Edward Whelan
Best Midfield
Jamie Prince
Best Defence 
Joshua Thompson
Coaches Award
Owen Orelup

Under 11

Most Dedicated player: Emma Hew

Tanks Best and Fairest
Andrew Balzat-Fuller
Best Defence 
Daniel Frawley
Best Attack
Magnus McCrae
Cannons Best and Fairest
Bailey Nicholls
B&F Runner Up
Remy Turner
Best Utility
James Wright

Lacrosse Victoria Awards

MILL Award for top goal thrower in Men's State League: Clinton Lander
Val Orr Award for girls U15 best and fairest: Cassidy Richards 1st; Saskia Hollenkamp 2nd
Ladies B-grade Women best and fairest: Grace Mackie 2nd
Mens Div 2 best and fairest: Fionn Barritt 3rd
Boys U17 best and fairest: Joey Pagliaro 2nd