2009 Men's Victorian Team

The Victoria Men's team for 2009 has been anounced. Congratulations to Clinton Lander and former club member Brad Ross for making the side. Congratulations also goes to Alistair Gloutnay who selected in the Presidents side.

Victoria Men's 2009

Aaron Onofretchook
Brad Ross
Adam Townley
Andrew Ham
Ben Newman
Cameron Shepherd
Chris Plumb
Chris Tillotson
Clinton Lander
Daniel Stiglich
Jacob Egan
John Tokarua
Josh Naughton
Keith Nyberg
Mathew Arthur
Matthew Garnsworthy
Mike McInerney
Rob Stark
Ryan Garnsworthy
Sam Bullock
Steve Mackey
Tim Lane

Coach: Chris Baker
Assistant Coach: Glen Meredith
Manager: Rod Finnigan
Assistant Manager: Brendan Farrell

The Senior Men's Championships will be hosted in Adelaide from the 5th July to 8th July 2009.

Congratulations to all players selected!